Baby Alive Doll Reviews

The Baby Alive doll eats, poops, speaks and much more. Find out what these vloggers and their families thought of her features and whether they had fun playing with her…

The Channel Mum McDonald’s Mission

Have you ever wondered what really goes on behind the scenes at McDonald’s? Take a look at what Jess and Lisa found out…

Ask for Help and Advice

Take the Mums Mental Health Course

If somebody asked you how you’re feeling today, you’d probably tell them you’re fine. But are you really fine?


We all need a bit of advice and help sometimes as we are bringing up our children, here’s where to find it…

Ask Me Anything

Ask Me Anything on Channel Mum gives you a chance to ask parenting experts and real mums your burning questions. Gain from their unique experiences and get a fresh perspective on the hurdles that parents face, during a live Q&A.

Budget Friendly Meals

We all want to give our kids the very best nutrition that we can afford, but what if the purse strings are a little tight? We’ve got you Mama! We’ve put together a whole page dedicated to vlogs and videos about feeding your family for less. Your purse will thank you!

Mums’ Mental Health

Get help and advice on mental health services for parents; from mental illness and depression to mental health awareness, from mums who’ve been through it


Have you heard about Hypnobirthing? It’s a hot new trend and a great way of having a calm labour and birth experience. Hypnobirthing is popular with celebrities like Sam Faiers, Jessica Alba and Angelina Jolie.

Baby Sleep

Baby not sleeping? Find out how other parents deal with it and what they find helps.

Miscarriage and Baby Loss

Baby loss and miscarriage are difficult subjects to talk about. Mums and dads share their stories with you


Couples, siblings, families – we all have lots of relationships in our lives. Find tips on how to negotiate the bad stuff and keep everyone happy


How do you get a baby into a routine and what is a good routine?

Getting Pregnant


Are you struggling with infertility or are you trying to conceive? You are not alone. Mums share their stories

Baby Massage

Baby massage is a great way to relax and bond with your baby, plus a recent study has shown it can help to improve the symptoms of postnatal depression too.

Family Clothes from Pep&Co

Want to know how to dress your entire family for under £50? Lets see what happened when three mums were set a family shopping haul challenge by Pep & Co and Channel Mum.

Charlie O’Brien Live Labour & Birth Story

Charlie O’Brien was 36 weeks pregnant with her second child when her waters unexpectedly went. Follow her live birth story and see how she’s getting on being a mum-of-two.

Mrs Meldrum’s Live Labour & Birth Story

Mum-of-two (soon to be three!) Mrs Meldrum is being induced at 36 weeks due to a high risk pregnancy with very little growth, concerns over her placenta and possible exposure to Zika.


Channel Mum Meets…

Emma Kenny, Channel Mum Psychologist-In-Residence

Brand Videos


Adopt a Cow with Cadbury

Fancy adopting a cow and learning about fresh milk? Here’s how some vloggers did just that with Cadbury…