Emma Kenny shares her advice…

It’s MUM SOS week and TV psychologist Emma Kenny was live with great advice on issues such as tantrums, fussy eaters, sleep issues, potty training, nail biting, not having more children, friendless children, terrible twos, dummy ditching and lots more.

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Julia Gallagher
Such reassurance in your answers Emma xx

Channel Mum
Pleasure xx

Megan Wood
Thank you so much for answering my question xxxxx

Nicola Jeffries
Clever like his Nanna 😂😂

Amy Imogen Jeffries
34 mins in Nicola Jeffries asked about Noel's head butting. Makes a lot of sense

Louise Mooney
Mine baby hate dummy but she has mine finger to sucking at night I want stop it has she got teeth know help

Channel Mum
Thumbs up for Emma! Thank you sooo much for today

Farrena Ahmed
Thank u soo much. I honestly really appreciate it. X

Joanna Ackroyd
Thank you! x

Natalie Jade
Thanks so much. You do feel like there's a right and wrong way and worry so much about "doing it wrong."