Live C-Section Birth Story – Introducing Baby

Live c-section birth story update with Pop Rocks Mama after her planned c-section 4 days ago. She’ll be revealing baby’s gender and name πŸ’™πŸ‘ΆπŸΌπŸ’–

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Mel Lakis
Hi from Australia!

Laura Grant
Aww beautiful name, I love unusual names. She's perfect <3 xxx

Laura Grant
Omg how amazing do u look...congratlations on ur baby girl. Making me broody and I already have 2, my baby is 2 in 2 weeks so I think I'm starting to want that brand new baby bk again xxx

Leigh Armstrong
Congrats!! You look amazing!! My son was an emergency C as he went into distress, came out at 11lb 9oz! Even though his last scan he was estimated 6lb 4oz 😳😳😳 very big surprise!! 5 months on only just starting to feel abit more normal lol

Frances Nellie
Love alba for a girl but other half won't let me (he is into music and it's a brand). I got it from time travellers wife years ago.. We now have Indie as an idea

Zoe Molesworth
πŸ’— take care xxx

Zoe Molesworth
I'll share on my blog page x

Zoe Molesworth
I'm broody!!

Zoe Molesworth
I love unusual names. My daughter is Alyssia xx