Vlog of The Week: IVF Diary by Jules Furness

This week we’re kicking off a brand new feature, our Vlog Of The Week, which is our way of highlighting some of the amazing vlogging talent that’s out there.

We have hundreds of  mum (and dad) vloggers plugged into Channel Mum and each week we’re inundated with all the amazing uploads. From honest and often heartbreaking stories to fun and imaginative ideas for playtime with little ones, the breadth and depth of content made by our vlogging community is something to be celebrated. And all of it touches on what it means to be a parent today.

In this new feature we’ll be choosing a vlog to highlight on our site and our social media, every single week. Whether it’s a vlog that we can’t stop talking about or a vlog that covers something we think more people need to know about, our Vlog of The Week is our little way of saying – WOW.

This is our first Vlog Of The Week and it’s a particularly special one from vlogger Jules.

Vlog Of The Week – Thrown A Curve Ball By Jules Furness

Jules Furness is mama to son Josh and is now on her IVF journey to conceive a sibling for Josh. Josh is her and Steve’s son through adoption.

After going through the menopause as a teenager, Jules has had a lot of struggles to get to this point and watching her open up so honestly about what her IVF journey is like, is nothing short of humbling. Always genuine, never afraid to hold back on the hard parts, Jules has documented her IVF story in a way that will be so helpful and inspiring to so many others in a similar situation.

We’ve chosen this powerful vlog to launch our Vlog of the Week, it shows her in Prague after her scan at the Fertility Clinic which returned an unexpected result. Hearing about the impact it had on her and seeing her talk about her worries, fears and hopes is heartbreaking viewing at times, but her resilience and her dedication to shining a light on every part of her IVF journey can only be helpful for others facing fertility issues. That’s why we’ve decided to highlight it as our Vlog Of The Week, watch it below and we think you’ll agree it’s very well deserved.



We’d love to hear your suggestions for our next Vlog of The Week, just remember, they have to be plugged into the Channel Mum website and have been published in the last four weeks. Simply send us a tweet @ChannelMum using #CMVlogoftheWeek with your suggestions!


Killer Clowns

There’s absolutely nothing funny about them.

The cruel craze sweeping the nation has seen police arrests; schools issue warnings and over 100 terrified kids call Childline for help.

If your child is one of the thousands too scared to sleep, here’s how you can help.

We’ve put together this special Mum SOS video featuring our top tips on how to speak to your children about Killer Clowns and what to do if you’re confronted by them.

We’ve even got a special section to show to your little ones, unmasking the clowns and showing why there is no need to be scared.

Watch it here now.

See more Mum SOS videos here.

Have kids Halloween costumes gone too far?

HALLOWEEN - it’s the one day of the year when it’s acceptable to scare and sicken - but is this taking things too far?

HALLOWEEN – it’s the one day of the year when it’s acceptable to scare and sicken – but is this taking things too far?

Parents are claiming this is the worst year ever to be a kid at Halloween. Instead of cute costumes featuring pumpkins, witches, wizards and ghosts made from old sheets, retailers seem locked in a battle to the bottom to produce the most vile outfits and cash in.

Among the Halloween offerings Team Channel Mum have spotted this year are sexualised costumes featuring mini skirts and stockings for FOUR year old girls, dress up based on real-life serial murderer Jack the Ripper, and a gruesome ‘Roadkill Pet’ featuring a child’s mutilated rabbit complete with tyre tracks and splattered blood.

Yes, it’s horrifying – but in completely the wrong way.

Have kids Halloween costumes gone too far?

It’s got so bad over two thirds of mums are backing strict age-appropriate ratings on costumes and three quarters want retailers to take more responsibility for the outfits they sell.

So – would you or wouldn’t you let your kids wear these? Here’s our Hateful 8 worst Halloween outfits for kids and tell us yes or NO!

Now see what the press has to say about whether kids Halloween costumes have gone too far here.

You’re invited to our Twitter Party – Wednesday 12th October at 9pm

Updated on 14/10

We’re delighted that so many of you joined us on Twitter on 12th October and made our party trend! We’re pleased to announce the winners of our competition prizes:

@missjesawyer and @TazAllwood each won £100 to spend at Mothercare, while [email protected] won £100 to spend at Minnie’s Boutique and @emilyvaughanx won a bespoke gift from Don’t Buy Her Flowers.

Congratulations to all our winners! And don’t worry, if it wasn’t you, we’ll be having some more lovely prizes up for grabs soon on Channel Mum.

Fancy winning £100 to spend at Mothercare? Or a Don’t Buy Her Flowers gift box? Or £100 to spend on goodies at Minnie’s Boutique? Thought so. We have some really incredible prizes up for grabs during our #TheMummyDiaries Twitter party on Wednesday 12th October.

It’s taking place from 9pm – 10pm and you’re officially invited to join along! Our Twitter party is all in celebration of Samantha Faiers new series on ITVBe – The Mummy Diaries which follows her first year as a mum.

We know firsthand how much of a rollercoaster that first year can be so make sure you tune in – it’s addictive viewing (we might have had a sneak peek!).


If you’ve never taken part in a twitter party before, we can guarantee it’s a lot of fun and with four incredible prizes to give away in just one hour, you won’t want to miss out!

Take a look at our exclusive chat with Sam Faiers!

Want to know what’s up for grabs?

  • We have 2 x £100 vouchers for Mothercare
  • A £100 bespoke Mummy Diaries gift box from Don’t Buy Her Flowers
  • A £100 voucher from Minnie’s Boutique (that’s Sam and Billie Faiers own fashion store)

Come join our Twitter party!

Our #TheMummyDiaries Twitter party is a chance to join in the fun, have some mum and baby banter and to win some incredible prizes.

When is it taking place?

  • Wednesday 12th October at 9pm
  • Use the hashtag #TheMummyDiaries and @ChannelMum in all your tweets
  • Our incredible prizes will be given away at the party, watch out for the prize tweets during the hour. Winners will  be chosen at midnight at random from entries received to each prize question.
  • Read our Terms and Conditions here.

How do I take part in the Twitter party?

GOOD LUCK and see you there!

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Capturing Shared Moments With Cadbury Dairy Milk Buttons

We have a special place in our hearts for chocolate and we’ve really enjoyed working closely with one of our favourite brands, Cadbury Dairy Milk Buttons to create not only some incredible content about all those special moments that happen every day as a parent, but also to create something that’s a bit of a digital first in the world of parenting videos.

It’s all to celebrate the launch of the Cadbury Dairy Milk Button’s Memory Lane tool and we’ve been working  with 100 mum vloggers, asking them to share with us some of their very special shared moments as a mum.

From that morning cuddle to the little things that always bring a smile (when they say, “Mummy I love you”), mums have been opening up their hearts to us and telling us about those ‘awww’ moments that they share with their children every day. After all, life isn’t just about the big things, it’s about finding everyday happiness.

Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 15.09.48

If you haven’t seen them yet, watch these amazing videos about Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Button’s Memory Lane and find out how you can make your own too.

The Cadbury Dairy Milk Button’s Memory Lane tool is special – it uses clever 360 degree technology which you personalise by uploading photos of you and your little ones. It’s a lovely way to look back on all those special pics from your camera roll and see them in the context of your very own “memory lane”. It’s a fun summer holiday activity to show your children!

Seeing all of the videos go live and hearing about everyone’s special moments, makes us realise how lucky we are to have the privilege of being mums – but it also makes us realise just how amazing it is to harness mum power to all come together with a message – about enjoying those everyday shared moments of motherhood.

After all, it goes by much too fast.

As part of our partnership with Cadbury Dairy Milk Buttons we have a wonderful competition to tell you about too! You could win one of five state of the art video cameras and of course, a delicious box of Cadbury Dairy Milk Buttons. Fancy winning that? We do!

How To Enter

All you have to do is create your own personal Memory Lane by visiting http://www.buttonsmemorylane.co.uk and share your video using the hashtag #ButtonsMemoryLane and tag @channelmum on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook for your chance to WIN one of five state of the art video cameras and a box of Cadbury Dairy Milk Buttons. The competition ends on 30th September and all our usual terms and conditions apply.

Good luck!

PS, We’ve got an exciting, prize filled Twitter party coming up soon on Wednesday 24th August from 11am – 12pm so don’t forget to join us there for even more amazing competition giveaways. More info coming soon!

GOOD LUCK and see you Friday!

Did you win? Scan competition winner announced here!

There’s nothing more special that seeing your baby for the first time and the incredible technology behind 4D scans means you’re able to do just that, before they’re even born.

competition winner

4D scans show moving 3D images of your baby in the womb, so you can see their little face and body in real time. It’s pretty special. You can watch our week by week video featuring some amazing scan footage here.

Hearing your baby’s heartbeat is also an unforgettable and precious moment for any mother and heart beat teddies allow you to have your baby’s heartbeat recorded and put inside the teddy for your baby hear later on.

Our incredibly popular scan competition with WindowToTheWomb gave away just that, a 4D scan and heart beat teddy, and we have to say we were overwhelmed with all your entries, sharing first scan photos, due dates and excited comments from mums to be.

We particularly loved how pregnant friends were also tagged in the competition too. It’s a lovely prize to be able to win and we’re sure our winner will have a really wonderful experience.

This is such a special prize and we’re delighted to announce that Stacey Louise Hillhouse on Facebook is our lucky winner.

If you didn’t win this time, not to worry, we have lots more exciting prizes planned soon, like us on Facebook to keep up to date!

MEET the Poke-Mums! Game used to induce labour

Everyone is playing Pokemon-Go but did you know the new AR app has a VERY unusual use? Pregnant woman across the globe are using the smash-hit game to help bring on labour!

In case you’ve been hiding under a rock, the character-catching gaming craze sees players walk for up to six miles at a time to snare monsters and hatch their eggs – and has led to a surge in women reporting it helped kickstart their birth.

As every pregnant mummy knows, walking is thought to stimulate the release of pregnancy hormone oxytocin, which triggers contractions. It’s one of the main methods recommended by midwives to begin labour – but most of us don’t manage it as it’s just too uncomfortable in late pregnancy.

But our new Channel Mum survey has found 53 per cent of mums-to-be plan to use the app to get their labour underway, and one in 20 new mums who’ve given birth in the past few weeks already say they played it to Pokemon-Go into labour.


Two in three mums claim playing the virtual game helps with pain relief by keeping them occupied, while 53 per cent said it helped them walk further by having fun.

Midwives have already dubbed the new craze ‘Poke-Mums’ and are braced for an influx of women using the app, as 57 per cent of us young mums are already regular Pokemon-Go players.

One of the first to try it is our very own Channel Mum vlogger Amber Wilde. She said: “Never mind hatching a Pokemon character, I’m hatching two real babies of my own thanks to the app. I’m proud to be a Poke-Mum as it worked really well to make me go into labour. I’d only just hit on the idea and started walking and monster hunting for a few miles when my waters broke and the twins were on their way.”

Good luck Amber, we can’t wait to meet them!

Watch below to see how heavily pregnant Jess gets on catching Pokemon

Read about this story in the press

You’re invited to our Twitter Party – Friday at 10.30am! RSVP

Updated on 26/07

We’re delighted that so many of you joined us on Twitter on 22nd July and made our party trend! We’re pleased to announce the winners of our competition prizes:

@nicolehCable [email protected] each won a case of Iceland Prosecco,[email protected] won a year’s supply of Millie’s Cookies,[email protected] won a summer’s worth of ice-cream [email protected] won a month’s worth of Iceland fakeaways.

Congratulations to all our winners! And don’t worry, if it wasn’t you, we’ll be having some more lovely prizes up for grabs soon on Channel Mum.


Fancy winning a case or two of prosecco? Thought so. That’s just one of the amazing prizes we have on offer during our #FrozenFriday Twitter party on Friday 22nd July.

It’s taking place from 10.30am – 11.30am and you’re officially invited to join along! Our Twitter party is all in celebration of our collaboration with Iceland.

If you’ve never taken part in a twitter party before, we can guarantee it’s a lot of fun and with five incredible prizes to give away in just one hour, you won’t want to miss out!

Want to know what’s up for grabs?

  • We have 2 cases of Iceland Prosecco to give away
  • A year’s supply of frozen Millie’s Cookies that are exclusive to Iceland! (We’re seriously jealous of the winner already!)
  • A summer’s worth of delicous Iceland ice-cream (we’re all about their Belgian Choc Majestics)
  • A month worth of Friday night Iceland takeaway dinners. Yum.

Come join our Twitter party!

Our #FrozenFriday Twitter party is a chance to join in the fun, have some foodie and family banter and to win some incredible prizes.

When is it taking place?

  • Friday 22nd July 10.30am -11.30am
  • Use the hashtag #FrozenFriday and @ChannelMum in all your tweets
  • Our incredible five prizes will be given away at the party, watch out for the prize tweets during the hour. Winners will  be chosen at random from entries received to each prize question.
  • Read our Terms and Conditions here.

How do I take part in the Twitter party?

GOOD LUCK and see you Friday!

Our standard Terms and Conditions apply. Promotions via these networks must follow the guidelines laid out in the initial post with regards to the mechanic to enter. Promotions are in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Twitter/Facebook/Instagram/YouTube. You are providing your information to Channel Mum and not to the network. The information you provide will only be used for the purposes of the promotion. By entering, you agree to your information being used for such purpose. Anyone found to be using multiple accounts to enter will be disqualified. Participants must have an authentic account registered in the UK to participate. Prizes will be delivered as Iceland vouchers to the value of the above prizes, a year’s worth of Millie’s Cookies worth £156, a case of six bottles of process is worth £40.74, a month’s worth of takeaway Iceland dinners is worth £120, a summer’s worth of Iceland ice-cream is worth £50. No cash alternative will be offered for the prize and the prize is non-exchangeable and non-transferable. Iceland reserves the right to substitute the prize for an item of similar value. Iceland vouchers can be used in UK Iceland stores only. Vouchers cannot be used online and cannot be used to purchase bonus card savings. Separate voucher terms and conditions may apply, please refer to the vouchers on receipt for details.


Cadbury competition winners – was it you?

Thanks to everyone who entered the Cadbury competition we ran recently, offering you the chance to win a state of the art camera and a box of Cadbury Dairy Milk Buttons.

We asked you to share special moments with your little ones and we were so touched by the hundreds of heartfelt memories you shared with us. From little moments of tenderness between siblings to momentous events like first cuddles with newborns and first family holidays, it really reminded us just how many special moments there are as we raise our families.

Congratulations to our worthy winners:

Amelia Mylott





If you didn’t win this time then don’t worry – we have another Cadbury competition planned soon.

In the meantime if you’ve not yet seen our videos on precious shared moments, this is sure to put you in a good mood for the rest of the week!


Scandal of the BUMP SHAMERS – Channel Mum Investigates

IT’S time to educate the haters! Our new Channel Mum survey has found a shocking 94 per cent of mums-to-be get cruel comments on their weight and body shape – known as bump shaming – while pregnant.

At the time when you need support most, strangers, friends, family and even your own partner and mum somehow feel it’s OK to judge how your baby body looks. The result? Tears, isolation and seven per cent of mums now dieting during pregnancy – which is so wrong.

So starting from today, that’s why we are calling out the bump shamers and saying #DontBullyTheBump. All of our bodies are different shapes and sizes – so why should that be any different during pregnancy? So if you’ve been bump shamed, let us know – and watch our new video for some quick comebacks to show the shamers why they’re going wrong.

Everything you need to know about scans – and more!

If you hadn’t guessed already, trying to make life easier for mums is something we’re passionate about here at Channel Mum HQ. That’s why we’ve launched the Channel Mum Ultimate Guide to Pregnancy Scans to help demystify the world of ultrasound scans and to show you what to expect.

Our Ultimate Pregnancy Scan Guide shows you what happens during your ultrasound scan, the different kinds of scans you can have and follows our vlogger Emily having a private scan at 28 weeks at Window To The Womb. You can see her have a 2D, 3D and 4D scan and even see how the gender of her baby is identified. Is it a boy or a girl? Watch the video to find out!

Side note: Did you know you could find out the gender of your baby from as early as 16 weeks?

We’ve even included a fruit diary of how your baby grows rapidly from something smaller than a poppyseed to the size of a watermelon in nine months.

Scans are such a momentous part of any pregnancy and such a special time for you and your partner to finally get a glimpse at what’s going on in your tummy and listen to your baby’s heartbeat.

If you’re anything like us, during your pregnancy you’ll be searching high and low to try and see what your baby looks like at each week of pregnancy, so we feel pretty lucky to have been able to secure footage of 2D, 3D and 4D real scans from our lovely friends at Window To The Womb.

If you’re expecting a baby or curious about what each week of pregnancy can be like, make sure you check out our pregnancy week by week guides for more pregnancy videos from mums at the same stage as you are, all the way through your pregnancy.

scan video

Competition time!

To celebrate our Ultimate Pregnancy Scan Guide going live we’ve got a fab competition with a chance for you to win a ‘Born To Be A Star’ scan package from Window To The Womb with a 4D Baby Scan package and a Heartbeat Teddy Bear (worth £119).

So if you fancy having a 4D scan where you can see moving 3D images of your baby and have their heartbeat recording put inside a teddy bear, then don’t miss your chance to enter.

How to Enter

You can take part in our free prize draw using your social media of choice.

Facebook – Simply follow us and add your scan photo in the comments below the competition post or tell us your due date there.


Twitter – Follow us and tweet us a scan photo or your due date using #WinAScan and tag @channelmum


Instagram – Follow us and upload your scan photo and tag @channelmum. Or leave a comment on our competition post.

Comp closes midnight 29th July.

The prize will be redeemable at any Window To The Womb studio nationwide. No cash alternative. Usual Channel Mum terms and conditions apply. One winner will be chosen at random after the closing date.

You’re invited! Monday night 9pm RSVP

There’s nothing like a girly night in watching a great new drama to start your week off right (especially now that Game of Thrones has come to an end – seriously we have 42 more weeks to wait!).

On Monday 4th July, we’re hosting a Twitter party to celebrate the premier of Brief Encounters, ITV’s latest drama which is set in the early 80s and follows a group of ladies from Sheffield on a quest to find happiness and fulfilment – with a little help from Ann Summers along the way. It’s full of amazing women, the struggle with loneliness and amazing friendships being formed. It’s not to be missed.

The line up is incredible too with all our favourites including Penelope Wilton, Sophie Rundle, Angela Griffin and Sharon Rooney taking the lead roles as an unlikely group of friends bonding over, well, if you’ve ever been to an Ann Summers party, then you can imagine…

Rabbits is all we’re saying.

Expect laughs and giggles and to get seriously emotionally involved with the characters by the end of episode one – believe us – we’ve seen it already! Check out our preview video below!

Come join our Twitter party!

Our #BriefEncounters Twitter party is a chance to join in the fun, reminisce about the 80s and to win some incredible prizes – all while enjoying a thoroughly decent British drama.

We’ll be giving away FOUR lots of £100 vouchers to spend at Debenhams – where you can get pretty much everything your heart desires. New clothes for you? New clothes for the kids? Something for your home? We’ve got you covered!

We can’t wait to see you there!

When is it taking place?

  • Monday 4th July, 9pm – 10pm
  • Use the hashtag #BriefEncounters and the @ChannelMum handle in your tweets
  • 4 lots of £100 Debenhams vouchers will be given away at the party, watch out for the prize tweets. Winners will  be chosen at random from entries received to each prize question.
  • Read our Terms and Conditions here.

How do I take part in the Twitter party?

  • If you aren’t already on Twitter then register for free at http://www.twitter.com
  • Follow our account by going to twitter.com/channelmum
  • We’d love to know if you’re coming so please RSVP by sending us a message to @channelmum using #BriefEncounters
  • Join in the chat on Twitter between 9pm and 10pm on Monday 4th July 2016
  • Don’t forget to join the party & make comments and/or replies you must include #BriefEncounters and @ChannelMum somewhere in your tweets. This is the only way your comment can be seen by everyone at the party.

Our standard Terms and Conditions apply. Promotions via these networks must follow the guidelines laid out in the initial post with regards to the mechanic to enter. Promotions are in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Twitter/Facebook/Instagram/YouTube. You are providing your information to Channel Mum and not to the network. The information you provide will only be used for the purposes of the promotion. By entering, you agree to your information being used for such purpose. Anyone found to be using multiple accounts to enter will be disqualified. Participants must have an authentic account registered in the UK to participate.

Precious moments plus our favourite chocolate

We’re all partial to a bit of chocolate here at Channel Mum HQ so  we’ve been delighted to partner with Cadbury Buttons and we’ve been busy getting our team and the Channel Mum network creating heart-warming videos around the really precious shared moments that mums have with their children. You know, the everyday things that are actually pretty important.Enter to win Cadbury Buttons

We’ve been making vlogs capturing  favourite family moments, and to be honest, watching all the content has made us stop and take the time to reflect on those special things that mean a lot. Beyond just spreading the Cadbury Buttons joy, this campaign has actually made us take a breath and realise how lucky we are to have ‘mum’ as our most important job title.

From reading stories at bedtime to morning snuggles, the chaos of family breakfasts and exploring nature together, the ordinary can really be extraordinary sometimes.

If you see Precious Shared Moments popping up do have a look, if you’re anything like us you’ll feel well and truly warm and fuzzy inside once you’ve heard our mums share the small things. You might even see the Channel Mum team while you’re out and about – we’re so proud our mums are heading up the Cadbury Buttons billboard campaign!


To celebrate all the amazing videos we’ve got an exciting competition for you to enter.

The Prize
We’re giving away five fabulous prize bundles containing a state of the art digital camera worth over £150 and a box of delicious Cadbury Buttons.

How to Enter
We’d love to see your precious shared moments with you and your family. Tell us, or show us, YOUR precious shared moments using the hashtag #TasteLikeThisFeels and tag us in using @channelmum on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook to enter our competition. All entries received by Wednesday 6th July will be entered into the free prize draw. For full competition rules click here.

Win digital camera with Channel Mum


We still can’t decide which part of the prize we’re most excited about, camera or Buttons…camera or Buttons…

Good luck!


Mother knows best – and that means YOU!

Secret_Mission_thumbnailTotes exciting news today as Iceland have dropped celebrity stars like Kerry Katona and Stacey Solomon from their ad campaigns to use us REAL mums from Channel Mum. The high street store decided to use the #PowerOfMum to promote the #PowerOfFrozen after recent research found just 13 per cent of young mums still care what celebrities are selling, and even fewer believe that the stars actually use those products with their own families.

Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 12.16.26Our news has been met with excitement in the media today, with the Telegraph newspaper and lots of other titles covering it. And we’ve Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 12.17.41even got our own thing – Recomumdation – meaning mums trust advice from other mothers over conventional advertising. But hey, we already knew that. And that’s why we’ve launched #FrozenFriday to share all our scrummiest meals and cooking tips, tricks and hack ideas from Iceland. Salmon Parcels with Dill – who knew? Frozen Millie’s Cookies? We’re in!

Today our Iceland Secret Mission has gone live on Channel Mum along with a host of new videos from our community showing us their hauls. It’s such an eye opener to see all the amazing things they’ve found in Iceland. Frozen coconut anyone? Check out Charlotte and Ciara testing theirs.  Fancy find out more? Watch our Secret Mission video and all the fab vlogger hauls and we guarantee you’re going to be surprised!

Love, the Channel Mum team x

PS You can cook the below ALL from frozen in 11 minutes and it’s only £2 a head! Find out how here.

Iceland and Channel Mum



Orgasmic birth – it’s a thing!

6% claim an orgasmic birthTHERE are lots of things us mums shout out in labour – from ‘owwww that hurts!’ to ‘I don’t think I can do this!’ But ‘yes, yes, yessss!’?

Well an incredible six per cent of mums have revealed they found giving birth intensely pleasurable – and even had an orgasm! That’s the stunning result from the latest Channel Mum survey, with our friends at the positivebirthmovement.org

Overall, a quarter of the 2,209 mums we spoke to said they  ‘love’ being in labour – with 67 per cent describing birth as ‘a very positive experience.’ In a world where the only news seems to be bad news – even with birth stories – we feel this is an important message to share.

So many mums-to-be only hear the negative stories that it’s easy to get worried about bringing your baby into the world, and the fear can mar what should be a lovely pregnancy and an exciting time in your life.

Birth stories
Lucy Roberts amazing birth story

So what’s even more encouraging is that our study showed a quarter of mums said giving birth was much easier than expected, compared to just one in five who found it harder than they were prepared for.

And the best bit?  Mums’ favourite part of giving birth is just as the baby is being born, preferred by 41 per cent of women, followed by 27 per cent who claimed the moment they went into labour as their most enjoyable part of the birth process.

But the least liked time is pushing, with 38 per cent of mums finding it tough, along with one in three who found the early hours of being in labour hardest.

And it seems we’re loving giving birth so much that 36 per cent of us now plan the type of birth we want BEFORE we’re even pregnant!

Channel Mum founder Siobhan Freegard said: “No quarter of mums say giving birth was easier than expectedother life changing experience has such a bad reputation as giving birth. Yes it can be gruelling and it can go wrong, but it can also be amazing, empowering and even pleasurable, with a surprising number of mums saying they enjoyed an orgasmic birth.”

Now here at Channel Mum we’ve also notice a real trend for mums researching birth stories when they are newly pregnant, and for new mums to share their birth vids once the new arrival is safely here. So we were delighted to find out that 92 per cent of mothers read or watch them and 94 per cent of you have shared your own.

But there’s one thing lacking here and that’s dad’s side of the story. Our research revealed an overwhelming 96 per cent of mums want to hear from dads but only 53 per cent knew of a dad who’d shared his story – and just two in five said their partner shared his own story.

92% of mum watch or read birth storiesBut we’re on our way to fixing this with our collection of birth stories from our vlogger mums – and dads! You can take a look at our growing collection of great dads birth stories over here.

Milli Hill, birth expert and founder of the Positive Birth Movement said: “The fact that giving birth can be a brilliantly enjoyable experience is a well-kept secret that is finally getting out!”

We’d love to know how you’d describe your labour and birth in just three words. Tag us on social using #BirthIn3

Watch the rest of the results from our new survey in the video below:

Happy Easter!

IT’S EASTER WEEKEND, the clocks are going forward and the sun is finally shining. But whether you’re Christian, follow another religion or don’t really believe at all, Spring is still a very special time. For Christians, Easter symbolises the resurrection of Christ – and new life as Mother Nature awakens after winter.Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 10.51.28 While modern-day Easter makes us think of fluffy chicks and chocolate eggs, even from pagan times the Egg was the ultimate symbol of fertility. Christians soon adopted it as a symbol of Christ’s resurrection from the tomb, being a casket from which new life emerges. Many ancient cultures also had a Spring Mother Goddess who banished ‘old man’ Winter, including the Anglo-Saxon Eostre and Nordic Ostra.
And even today babies born on Easter Day are though to be especially lucky in life, with celebs including Harry Potter star Emma Watson, actress Melissa Joan Hart and actor John Rudd also Easter Sunday babies. Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 10.50.45
But as well as giving birth to new life, Easter can also be a time for creating a new life. Chocolate is a well-known aphrodisiac and midwives report a surge of babies born nine months after the long Easter Weekend!
Here at Channel Mum we have our own brood of Easter chicks about to be hatched, with lots of our Vloggers pregnant and more to be announced soon. And while we’re following their unique journeys, we’d love to hear your birth story too. We’ve teamed up with our friends at the Positive Birth Movement to hear all about your birth, so fill in our survey for your chance to win £150 in supermarket vouchers – but just don’t spend it all on choccy eggs!

We wish you and your family the most wonderful Easter, with love from all the team at Channel Mum x

Happy International Women’s Day

Hot on the heels of Mother’s Day, today is International Women’s Day (IWD), a chance to celebrate amazing women around the world, recognise achievements and raise awareness of women who have a far harder time than us in the UK. If you live in China, Ukraine or Vietnam and 12 other countries, today, you will be enjoying a public holiday to celebrate IWD!

Although it feels like raising daughters here in the UK we have it great, we’re still short of gender equality in many places, including the workplace. Our recent video about the working mum struggle demonstrates how women who are mums struggle to ‘have it all’. Research shows we earn 20% less than men in the workplace for doing the same jobs and 6 out of 10 women feel that having kids is bad for your career.

Watch the full video here:

Today Sky News has an all female line-up in recognition of 100 years of IWD and the Google Doodle (you know that bit at the top of the Google home page) celebrates the day too with a special video.

Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 06.58.11  Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 06.56.56

But for us, the best bit about today is how YouTube have chosen to celebrate 100 years of International Women’s Day. For the whole month they are celebrating female role models as a way of inspiring the next generation of female story tellers on YouTube. Their goal is to support the creation of female-driven content and to inspire women to pick up their cameras and start vlogging and create a world where everyone can be heard. Exactly the same reason we started Channel Mum! We quickly realised there was a distinct lack of UK mum vloggers when we started out a year ago. And from just a handful mum creators this time last year, we’re delighted to have over 130 creators signed up to Channel Mum and it’s growing every single day.

Watch the YouTube Spaces video below as female vloggers around the world portray the most incredible women of the past 100 years. Emily Pankhurst and Marie Stopes didn’t make it into the list as it’s just the last 100 years – so they didn’t qualify!

What a great video! Let us know who inspires you!

An honest Mother’s day

Crafts and ideas to make Mother's Day special

MOTHER’S DAY- it’s the one day of the year us mums get a day off (yes, really!) and celebrate all it means to be a mother.

Hopefully you’ll be spoiled with gorgeous gifts, chocolates and flowers. And top of the list is a nice lie-in, with seven in ten of our Channel Mum vloggers saying this is their number one wish for Sunday!

But as the saying goes, when a child is born so is a mother – so it’s worth reflecting on what the day really means for our families.

Having a baby changes absolutely everything in our lives, and for some women that can be a real struggle. Not everyone copes well and if your own mum found motherhood tough, it can mean Mother’s Day brings up mixed emotions for you.

Almost a third of mums we spoke to in a survey this week said despite having fun with their own children, Mother’s Day can sometimes make them feel sad and even upset about their relationship with their own mum.

Now we know Channel Mum is the honest face of parenting, and you’ve been really honest on this tough subject. Over a quarter of mums we spoke to said they’d had negative issues with their own mother, while more than two thirds had problems with their mother-in-law.

Just three per cent of mums believe motherhood automatically makes you a better person, with half of you saying it be the catalyst but you have to work really hard at it.

And if you’ve lost your mum, Mother’s Day and the fuss surrounding it can bring pain of another sort and make you miss her even more.

So do we have too many expectations that Mother’s Day should be perfect? And if our relationship with our own mum isn’t reflected in the hearts and flowers you’ll see in the shops this weekend, what should you do?

We believe the key is to keep it honest. Mother’s Day can be marvellous and a chance to celebrate the good stuff. But if your relationship with your own mum doesn’t make you feel that way, please don’t worry or get upset.

Remember all lot of what you see in the media and adverts isn’t real life – it’s designed to sell a dream. If what’s going on it your word doesn’t measure up, it’s not your fault.

Instead, celebrate what you have in your own life now, however small it may seem right now. Cherish your own children and do all you can – as we know you are – to make wonderful Mother’s Day memories for them. Being a mum isn’t always easy, but nothing worth doing is. We know you’re all doing the very best you can, and we love and admire you for it.

If you’re having a tough time this weekend, take a few moments to see how Stacey’s feeling, as she’s said it better than we ever can.

With much love from all the team at Channel Mum

Watch the latest Mother’s Day videos

The inaugural Channel Mum #MumVidCon

Screen Shot 2016-02-28 at 22.44.04The twenty ninth of February 2016 is a big day – and not just because it’s a leap year so you can pop the question to your other half! Much more importantly, it’s the first ever MumVidCon: the conference for UK mum vloggers hosted by us together with YouTube and ITV.

Just a year ago when Channel Mum first set up, YouTube was awash with teen channels – but there were fewer than 20 mum vloggers in the UK. In fact we had to launch a sponsorship programme to encourage mums to pick up their cameras.

Fast-forward a year and things look very different. We’ve just launched a website which brings together more than 110 mums – and wonderfully some dads too – vlogging from every corner of the UK. Viewers can now watch honest, real-life experiences on everything from trying to conceive, through pregnancy, birth, newborns, toddlers to tantrums and teens. Or they can simply tune in for a cuppa and a little window into someone else’s world, with all the daily ups and downs of family life.

Screen Shot 2016-02-28 at 22.47.09Our amazing family of vloggers are making a real difference to families in lots of different ways. From major events like pregnancy announcements, relationship issues or managing your mental health, to the everyday but essential parts of family life like shopping hauls and meal planning – the Channel Mum crew always have a vlog which will help.

So, MumVidCon is a chance for Mum Vloggers to come together for the first time as professionals. To look at best practice guidelines, to understand why we do what we do, to examine how the big metrics work and enable us to make vlogging a career. But, also to realise what really drives us and why reaching just that one mum who sees your story and feels better is a real success.

Vlogging is powerful. By putting yourself out there, sharing your story can change one mum’s day – and it may change her life and her child’s future. You have that power. So we’d love you to be part of this very special day. Here is the programme and speakers. When we originally booked the room for 50 people, we were a very small team. Now we’re kicking ourselves as we want to invite ten times more people – but no one could have predicted the community would grow so fast, or that we’d find so many talented people. So if you didn’t get a space, that’s my fault, I’m sorry! We’ll put it right by putting everything useful on social media and putting video highlights up afterwards.

Screen Shot 2016-02-28 at 22.49.18For us, this event is about the spirit of YouTube – being open and collaborative and sharing what we’ve learned on the journey so far. It’s about giving back, paying forwards and growing together. And making some new friends along the way. So do follow our hashtag #MumVidCon across social media where we’ll add anything interesting and useful including links to videos, print outs, takeaways etc. Also, we promise we will get the BIGGEST venue we can next time and invite ALL the mum vloggers we know. So if you feel we don’t know you yet, drop us a line at [email protected] and we’ll add you to our ‘friends’ list – or get involved on social and say hello.

Looking forward to chatting with you on #MumVidCon


#MumTalk shining a spotlight on maternal mental health

More than 1 in 10 women experience mental illness during pregnancy or within the first year of having a baby. Here at Channel Mum we know first hand what that feels like so we’re delighted to be taking part in #MumTalk from 11am todScreen Shot 2016-02-23 at 23.54.34ay – a special event organised by Sport Relief to shine a light on Maternal Mental Health. You can watch some of our vloggers sharing their experiences with depression and anxiety.

Sport Relief cash has been helping people affected by maternal mental health and to highlight what many women face, and to reduce the stigma, Channel Mum are joining forces with the Maternal Mental Health Alliance, Bluebell Care Trust, the Royal College of General Practitioners and MIND. We hope you’ll join us in following the stories @SportRelief are sharing and contributing to the conversation using #MumTalk.

Today TV presenter Fern Britton shares her experience of maternal mental health alongside other mums and dads from across the UK, who have also been affected. You can watch their stories in a unique set of films from the team at Sport Relief.

Fern Britton said: “Everyone tells you that having a baby is going to be perfect, so you try to be the perfect mum. However, you’re not blooming at all, you’re blooming awful. I was lonely, isolated and frightened. I felt lost, like a failure and I couldn’t identify with who I was anymore. When the doctor told me what I was feeling was Postnatal Depression it was so liberating, I felt such a sense of relief that I wasn’t going mad. Once my family knew, I started to get better. Once I could talk to my family and they understood, it was a wonderful feeling.”

“The minute I said the words to someone, help it was there for me. If I had known how easy it was to get help I would have told someone sooner. Having been through this and getting better myself I would urge any mum who might be feeling in a dark place to tell someone – don’t wait! If you tell someone, you will get help, and you will get better.”

Sport Relief is back from Friday 18th to Sunday 20th March and there are more ways than ever for you to take part, change lives and feel proud. The money raised will transform people’s lives in the UK and across the world’s poorest communities, including people affected by maternal mental health problems.



Welcome to the new Channel Mum website

WHAT a month it’s been for births! Louis Tomlinson is the first 1D daddy after his ex Briana Jungwirth gave birth to tot Freddie Reign. Coleen and Wayne Rooney are building their very own footie team after welcoming third son Kit, while McBusted star Harry Judd is the now proud papa to baby Lola with wife Izzy. We also welcomed a new Channel Mum baby this month, congrats to Lauren on the birth of daughter Sienna.

But there’s one more new arrival we want you to welcome – our brand new bouncing baby, the new Channel Mum website!

While we don’t have any stretchmarks to show for it, we’ve had plenty of sleepless nights, as we want to make Channel Mum the place mums go for video – and the most trusted source of video parenting info on the web.

With us busy mums having an average of just 17 minutes downtime each day, we know you don’t have time to read books or guides or wade through text-heavy websites – so watching a quick vid on your phone is the way to go.

And we also know you want information from other mums just like you, to share the latest tips, the highs and the lows, the laughs and the tears, and all those special moments which make being a mums so worthwhile.

As the honest face of parenting, all the girls at Channel Mum promise to always tell it like it is. Whatever you need to know – and whatever you’re going through with your pregnancy or family – we understand as we’re right there with you.

Our team of top vloggers includes pregnant mums, single mums, mums with twins, families with all boys, all girls or a mix, large families, singletons, plus families on the IVF journey.

They want to share their world with you – and hear all about your family too.

So please, take a look around, make yourself at home, and become part of our lovely supportive Channel Mum family.

Drop us a line at [email protected] too – we can’t wait to hear from you.

With love,

The Channel Mum Team.

Your favourite Christmas ads in 2015

‘TIS the season to make money – and retailers across the UK are locked in the annual battle of the Christmas ads.

The seasonal scrap pits supermarkets and catalogue firms against department stores and food retailers to create the most memorable commercial, and set the tills jingling as consumers flood through the doors.

As sure as Santa arriving on Christmas Eve, John Lewis has swept the board for the last few years, creating a string of weepie mini-epics to tug on consumer’s heartstrings, and show spending lavishly is the way to have a very merry Christmas.



Previously, competitors have tried to copy the firm’s signature style with highly emotional story-led commercials, but this year there’s a change taking place that could impact on future festive ads.

With more young under 30s – dubbed the Millennial Generation – having children, there’s a subtle but very real shift away from overblown ads to something which better serves the busy family consumer.

New research from our young audience here at Channel Mum shows while the John Lewis ‘Man on the Moon’ ad still registers as the favourite with shoppers, the most effective Christmas ad is Aldi’s, and fellow discounters Argo, Lidl and Asda all polled better than pricier rivals.


Most significantly, a third of mums quizzed said they plan to shop at Aldi after watching the current ‘Favourite Things’ campaign, compared to just 31 per cent who will buy from John Lewis. While the percentage point difference is small, it’s the first time we’ve seen it – and it’s in line with the more product and price-conscious shopping habits of millennial mums.

What Aldi has done very well is combine the strong pricing and product message, wrapped up with emotional pull and a sprinkling of seasonal hope and positivity. It’s a hard thing to do well but the advert looks effortless and it also appeals to children as there are so many delicious and shiny things to look at – and all the ones kids love!

And there’s also been a change in the way young consumers feel about the money spent on the John Lewis ad. Almost half of young mums feel the £7m cost of the commercial was heavily excessive and would have been better spent in part as a charity donation, while a quarter complain there is way too much hype about it each year. Again, this is the first time we’ve seen these sentiments and is indicative of a new generation coming through.

Now each generation has its own ideas and identity, so with even more young mums holding the purse strings next year, it will be fascinating to see how the changes develop. We know Millennials are practical and price conscious but also aspirational and adore bling and glamour, so bring on the ad that combines all of those and we’ll find next year’s Christmas commercial winner!



The Channel Mum Team is growing!

It’s been a busy few weeks here at Channel Mum. You may have seen our video about Halloween costumes in the papers, been tuning into pregnancy announcements and diaries from several of our vloggers, or watched one of the million minutes of video that has now been watched on our channel – if so, thank you very much for helping us hit such an exciting milestone!

Behind the scenes we’ve also been busy chatting to several vloggers who you may already know as they’ve had their own successful channels for a while. And we’re delighted to announce that they are joining our lovely family of Channel Mum vloggers! Here’s a little round-up of the new faces who you’ll spot on the channel very soon:

Katie & Baby is mum to two-year old Ellie and has amassed more than 20,000 subscribers on her channel, where she vlogs about life as a mum and also about her upcoming wedding. Welcome, Katie!

Laura Byrne is the face of the Belle’s Boutique channel.  Laura started as a beauty vlogger and is mum to one-year old Harrison. She recently returned to work, so joins our crew of working mums here at Channel Mum.

Also joining us is Canadian mum of two Emily Norris who lives in Essex and provides ‘mumspiration’ on all-things to do with life as a mum over on her channel.

Leanne Colbeck – AKA Umbumgo – was one of the first mum vloggers on YouTube, having set her channel up nine years ago, during which time she has had no less than five children. She’s something of a YouTube stalwart and we’re delighted to have her joining Team Channel Mum!

2.2 Children & A Dog‘s Jess Atherton is next up! Jess is mum to Joshua and Sophie, as well as four-legged Milo! She’s keen on crafts and baking – welcome, Jess.

Emma Ross, who you may have seen on her Mamalina channel is mum to baby Jack, and our very own earth mother! Emma is a keen yogi and makes her own shampoo and baby products, as well as being a fan of festivals and travelling.

We’re also very excited to welcome Holly Smith who has built up a large following thanks to her money-saving and couponing tips aimed at mums. Holly, who is a mum of two, suffers with Asperger’s syndrome and a physical disability. She regularly appears on TV as a money-saving expert.

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Don’t forget to subscribe to Channel Mum so you never miss a thing from the new and old faces on our channel! By doing so, you’ll also be in with a chance of winning a £250 shopping voucher, which we’re giving away to subscribers every week throughout this month.

New Talent Announcement
If you’ve applied to be a Channel Mum vlogger, we’ll be in touch and will be announcing our next round of vloggers in the New Year. We’re always looking for talented mums to help us share the honest face of parenting, so do get in touch via our website if you think that could be you.

Channel Mum latest sponsored talent

Siobhan at ITV NewsIt’s been a busy time for Channel Mum, after announcing that ITV have taken a minority stake in us last month.  We were busy visiting the ITV news studios this week and here’s our Siobhan wondering what button to press next! We’re still surprised the news came out on time on Tuesday…

Anyway, on to our latest important announcement, our latest round of Channel Mum New Talent Vloggers! The standard again has been so high and our lovely judges have had a really tough time wading through so many excellent applications and working out who to put through. Here are the three lovely girls who will be joining the Channel Mum vlogging team this time:

Kate Bridge: Kate lives in Wales in a small town by the sea with her crazy, noisy and lovely family.  The family spend most of their spare time on the beach and she loves baking, photography and is into fashion and style. She’s a self-confessed big kid and enjoys most of the things her kids enjoy.

Nicola Johnston: Nicola has a one year old daughter and an 11 year old step-daughter and she’ll be vlogging about life as a first time mum, a step-mum, a post-natal anxiety sufferer and sharing all the tips she’s learnt along the way.

Jeorgia Cook: 21 year old Jeorgia is mum to her surprise baby Jax. Newly single, she’s embarking on a fresh start on her own with her toddler. She’s hoping to become a midwife and has just completed a course as a breast feeding specialist. She enjoys DIY projects, photography and cooking.

A big welcome to our three new vloggers, their Panasonic cameras will be winging their way to them next week! To find out more about the Channel Mum New Talent programme including a peek at our fabulous judging team take a look here.

Don’t forget to subscribe to Channel Mum on YouTube and look out for intro videos from Kate, Nicola and Jeorgia appearing soon.