Mum’s The Word

Our Mum’s The Word series looks at all the controversial parenting debates that we usually end up talking about with our friends. From piercing ears to co-sleeping or controlled crying there are so many different opinions and techniques for how to parent the right way. But we believe there is no right or wrong, just whatever works for you and your family.

Mum's the Word debate on Channel Mum

Parenting debates: Mum’s The Word

We embrace all sorts of parenting styles because we believe mums know what’s best for their family dynamic, but we don’t shy away from asking the difficult questions about parenting and motherhood and our Mum’s The Word content series offers friendly discussions about a range of issues. From ear piercing to feeding techniques, to routines, co-sleeping, dummies and more, all those tricky parenting questions you have to ask yourself, have all been discussed with a variety of answers. We get a group of mum friends on the sofa to talk about their individual experiences – and while there’s no right or wrong answers, there’s lots of food for thought.