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Our vloggers love talking about baby names and are experts at finding really incredible names, whether they’re baby names for boys or girls. We’re obsessed with hearing the stories behind people’s baby name choices as well as hearing lists of names that are really unusual. From traditional names to nature inspired names to twin names we’re sure you’ll find a new name you like among these mums top choices.

Baby name inspiration

Top baby names of 2016

The top names of 2016 have been released and the trend for unusual baby names continues, along with inspiration taken from showbiz and movies as well as a rise in the popularity of names inspired by space and nature.


  1. Oliver (+1 place)
  2. Muhammed (-1 place)
  3. Noah (+1 place)
  4. Harry (+2 places)
  5. Jack (-2 places)
  6. Charlie (+1 place)
  7. Jacob (-2 places)
  8. George (+4 places)
  9. Ethan (-1 places)


  1. Olivia (non-mover)
  2. Lily (+1 place)
  3. Sophia (-1 place)
  4. Emily (non-mover)
  5. Amelia (non-mover)
  6. Ava (new entry +5 places)
  7. Isla (new entry +5 places)
  8. Isabella (+2 places)
  9. Isabelle (-2 places)

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