Why Did No-one Tell Me? Things to Consider Before Having a Baby

What did you wish you had been told before you had a baby? Right from the very start parenting is filled with loads and loads of ‘why did no-one tell me’ moments. From the truth about birth and labour to just how sleep deprived you’ll really be and the immense strain it can put on your relationship.

But it’s not all doom and gloom, as there are plenty of happy and cheery ‘why did no-one tell me’ moments, too. Like the overwhelming, all consuming love you feel for your child and how life will never be the same again, for all the right reasons.

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Facts about Pregnancy

Pregnancies usually last for around 40 weeks and you can experience a wide range of symptoms – from morning sickness to cravings like crunching ice. Follow labour and birth stories here.

If You Are Struggling…

If you are really struggling – be it with feeding, sleep, postnatal depression or anxiety or even just getting into a routine then it’s important you talk to your doctor or health visitor to get parenting help first. You can also join the Channel Mum Facebook Group and chat to other like-minded mums.