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1 Month Postpartum & 1 Month Baby Update | Hello Deborah

1 week ago

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A Mum Track Mind   1 week ago
That must have been so worrying for you :( I remember that first week when my milk came in was so hormonal and awful. All you really want is to be home in your own bed don't you. Glad she's putting on some weight now. My baby girl was exactly the same but she put weight on in her own time x
Hello Deborah   15 hour ago
I think sometimes babies have a line they have to follow with weight but some just grow at their own pace and don't play by the rules x
Strange Fruits   1 week ago
Sorry to hear things have been tricky with your feeding - it is something I am a little worried about as I want to do it so much. But Im glad to hear you have been getting support and it's so lovely you have a group to meet up with! How long did your other half get for paternity leave? I keep being shocked by how little time Dads get - my husband is taking some holiday days so he can stay with us longer - my sisters other half only had a week... seems like madness!! Anyway - you do actually sound like you are doing great just a month in - and you are looking really well too! Congratulations on your little bundle xxxx
Hello Deborah   15 hour ago
Thank you! My husband had 2 weeks off for paternity leave and then took a week off. He also worked a few days from home when I've been feeling under the weather to help out. Have you looked at shared parental leave? I wish I'd looked into that as one of my friends' partner is taking off 10 weeks while she is off - although she will need to go back to work earlier it gives them time together. xx
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