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18 & 19 WEEKS PREGNANT: Consultant Appointment, Huge Boobs & SPD or Sciatica? | Ysis Lorenna

2 weeks ago

18 & 19 WEEKS PREGNANT: On this pregnancy update I talk about my first consultant appointment, booking growth scans, having huge veiny boobs and possibly suffering from SPD or sciatica. I also talk about feeling happy and amazing during pregnancy and share my weight gain and a 19 weeks pregnant bump shot! 🙂

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Ysis Lorenna   2 week ago
At 18 & 19 weeks pregnant I'm finally feeling great! 🙏🏻 How are you feeling or how did you feel at this stage during your pregnancy? Please leave a comment below! 😊❤️
shkurta krqeli   2 week ago
You look gorgeous. Hope your pregnancy goes well and you have a smooth delivery. I am pregnant with my second just 9 weeks and i love watching your videos.
Ysis Lorenna   2 week ago
shkurta krqeli Thank you so much! And congratulations on your pregnancy. I hope it all goes smoothly for you! ❤️😊
Panna Marz/Anna   1 week ago
Ysis you look stunnig <3xoxo from Poland :)
Marcello Sulsenti   2 week ago
Congratulations Ysis, I wish you the best!
Jessica Avey (Lilypod and Sweetpea)   2 week ago
You look so gorgeous Ysis! I'm so so excited for you! Pain in your lower back/ bottom is sciatica, SPD is your pelvis but it's all PGP and all pretty linked. Keep an eye on it as mine got so bad; I did a couple of videos on it if you'd like any tips ☺️ I've never heard of tingly hips how odd. Jenson was shy too, or cheeky I couldn't decide which haha
Carlos Pérez   2 week ago
congratulations ysis!
Ysis Lorenna   2 week ago
Carlos Pérez Thank you! 😊
Kysha May   1 week ago
Congratulations! New Subbie!
Stephanie Hudson   2 week ago
I was diagnosed with SPD during my pregnancy and it was difficult to roll over at night, painful to spread my legs apart, lifting my legs was painful. Each week the pain would get worse and even through physical therapy the pain and walking was difficult to handle. Not saying you will (or do) have SPD but I will say I think you need to watch it, research, and let your consultant or midwife know of any changes.
Britney Blue   1 week ago
you look so cute with your little bump. it makes me excited to ttc this month since my misscarriage. i want a cute bump like that.
Ysis Lorenna


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