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25 MUST HAVES For Your Hospital bag | Mum SOS from Channel Mum

2 weeks ago

Ever wondered what people pack in their hospital bags? This week Natasha asks expectant mummies what they are packing in theirs. What would you add to the list?

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Sarah-Jayne Ljungstrom http://www.channelmum.com/vloggers/UCD5c2GJWhyBs67qd9s2iEcw/
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Channel Mum   2 week ago
What will/did you put in your hospital bag? What was the most essential item?!
Jessica Avey (Lilypod and Sweetpea)   2 week ago
Ahh I so wish I'd taken a nice dressing gown, I had nice pj's but I could have done with sugglyness too <3
Channel Mum   1 week ago
Can't beat a comfy dressing gown!!
Kate+   2 week ago
Witch Hazel, to put on the maternity pads for after the birth. Don't go into labour without it!
Louise Huntingford   2 week ago
I`ve never thought of Witch Hazel before X
Siobhan Freegard   2 week ago
Lorraine Mulrooney   2 week ago
Like Charlie said straws are a must, dry shampoo why did I not think of that!
Jodie Southam   2 week ago
I'm currently 34 weeks pregnant and ready to pack my hospital bag. This video is really helpful, thank you all!
Channel Mum   1 week ago
We're glad the video helped you Jodie, let us know if we missed anything!
Charlotte the Magpie Mama   2 week ago
I had homebirths for my last 2 and didn't pack any kind of hospital bag but I still put together a big homebirth box. maybe that should be the next mum sos ☺
JK and Charlie   2 week ago
straws for sipping water out of so someone else can hold the cup mid contraction and just offer it to you!
Sarah-Jayne Ljungstrom   2 week ago
Such great ideas, lip balm and car parking £££ - so important! And yes huge pants!!!! I\'m already working those ;-))) xxx
Rebecca Hollick (Tutusandtea)   1 week ago
The kitchen sink for me first time round! Lol not the second though haha
Alex Gladwin   2 week ago
Everything here and maybe a nightie and extra food for your partner. And hospital notes. x
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