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2 weeks ago

28 weeks was mostly overshadowed by having a lurgy, but then the baby must have moved or something as my bump suddenly became a lot higher and I started getting really uncomfortable. I also have started hypnobirthing and relaxation techniques and show you the BellyBuds which I am looking forward to using…
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Emily White   1 week ago
I swore by my maternity pillow. It was a lifesaver ! I spent weeks not being able to sleep properly and being uncomfortable. Well worth trying one. I bought the long sausage shape one which you can fold and curve. I used to wedge it under my leg xx
TheFurby1975   1 week ago
You look so well Sophie, can't believe how quick this pregnancy is going. x
A Mum Track Mind   1 week ago
Wow 29 weeks already! Sorry to hear you've all been sick - same here! It's those pesky Autumn germs but not what you need when your expectation goes. Hope week 30 is better for you x
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