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30 weeks pregnant negative comments

1 week ago

Hi Guys,

Apologises for the lack of updates so much has been going on in the last few weeks, its been crazy. Iv not been a very god updater naughty me.
Here is my 30 week update and what has been going on since I last updated.
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Emmylovesmakeup   7 days ago
You and Sam look so much alike. Love your videos.
littlemisshomelife   7 days ago
Thank you xxx
Carisa   6 days ago
Isn't it funny how comfortable people feel saying things about your belly? I'm due within days of you and I've been getting the same comments from strangers. It's hard not to say "please don't say that to another pregnant woman ever again"!
amixeblu   7 days ago
Treasure your time, because if you think it's difficult now, it'll only get worse with 2 running around. ;) I get it, though... the last months aren't fun.
Macy Jean   7 days ago
I think you look wonderful! To be honest I think some people think they are being funny or even flattering when they exclaim how big your bump is. I don't think they mean any harm. But I know how you feel. I was once asked if I was having twins and when I said no, the lady gasped and said "Ohhhh... triplets??". LOL!
sandi smith   7 days ago
You look great, and before we know it, the little one will be here. Its hard to believe 30 weeks has already come. Nice you got to visit with Brad! I'm sure he was glad to get back to England and visit with everyone. We see him in Samantha's videos. :)
Brenda Langford   7 days ago
I don't think people mean any harm in saying that about your Bump especially men. lol!
The Hodgepodge Lodge   7 days ago
You look great. People just don't think before they speak, unfortunately.
littlemisshomelife   7 days ago
Ahh thank you that's really sweet of you to say x
Ashley Black   4 days ago
Bananas! low patasium can cause leg cramps! :)
13Provence   6 days ago
You are beautiful! People are so mean and most are never satisfied. Maybe I will only share which trimester I'm in otherwise they will say my belly is either too small and I should eat more and omg I put the baby in danger with being 'skinny', or that I'm too big and that would ruin the self confidence which I guess is a non-existent thing for most women in pregnancy.
Zach Strei   1 days ago
That's quite the magnificent big ole belly you've got there littlemisshomelife. :)


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