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40th Birthday Vlog

2 weeks ago

Well this birthday creeped up on me very fast! but it’s the best one to date and I had a wonderful time celebrating the start of my 40th decade. A stay at the gorgeous Great Fosters Hotel in Surrey was just what I needed. I must admit I’d never envisaged I’d have a two and half year old to look after at this age but it’s working out fine as he is the reason I need to stay young at heart! 40 isn’t that old anyway people live to 100 these days right?!

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Hi I’m Bella, mum to a little boy called Jay. Life has got so much busier but I’m loving vlogging and blogging about my adventure through Motherhood which is undoubtedly the BEST and hardest job in the World.

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Lumdeedums   2 week ago
You look so bloody gorgeous!
Along Came Jay   1 week ago
Lumdeedums aaah you're too kind doll. Loads of makeup helps! Xx
Channel Mum   1 week ago
It looks like you had a wonderful birthday! The hotel looked beautiful. And you don\'t look a day over 29 😉
Along Came Jay   1 week ago
Channel Mum makeup is a marvellous thing! The hotel was so beautiful may be I will return for my 50th! Xx
Tabs   1 week ago
You looked beautiful..a really lovely video..I do hope you enjoyed every minute 💕
Click on try now!   1 week ago
I love it! :) http://amzn.to/2duWe01
Along Came Jay


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