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2 weeks ago

Helloooo! xox

Thank you so much for visiting my channel!.I am Kailey, 22 years old and I am a British mum, who loves to film my life with my fiance and our daughter Nieve.

On my channel you will find mainly lifestyle Vlogs! If you would like to be kept up to date with my latest uploads then please SUBSCRIBE! 🙂

Our lives really are only just getting started, there is so much more still to come that I want to capture on film and share with you all!

You can also follow me here:

INSTAGRAM | mummalvoesya
TWITTER | @mummalovesya

If your a business that want to work with me OR you just want to ask me something then you can also contact me via email at [email protected]…. I look forward to hearing from you! 🙂 xox

I use music from: http://www.bensound.com & youtube music library.


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Bonnie Nash   1 week ago
I like it but I honestly think you could pull off wearing a bin bag as you are so pretty and have a wonderful figure ☺️
mummalovesya   6 days ago
just seen this comment! awn thank you so much, your too kind xx
Bonnie Nash   1 week ago
Ok that looks so wrong in a text 🙈what I mean is you make anything look good. And that looked cute. X
Charlotte Sarah   1 week ago
I like the pinafore it looks good :) great vlog x
Shannon -Elise   1 week ago
That pinafore really suited you!x
Bits&Blush x   1 week ago
Loving watching your vlogtober! Just wondering what job does Sean have?x
mummalovesya   6 days ago
he is self employed in construction industry xx
Vicki Teven   1 week ago
I love watching ur wee family 😊 I have the same pinafore and think it really suits u xx
Areeba X   1 week ago
Can you pls pls pls ask Nievey say hi Areeba it would mean so much
Suzanne Galloway   1 week ago
The pinafore looks good on you xx
Pretty Princess   1 week ago
I've been loving your vlogs I'm only 14 and literally cannot wait to start a family your such a inspiration and Every night I get my snack ready to sit down and watch you! Please carry on vlogging on vlogember and vlogmas! ☺️💗 nieve is such a cute Loverly girl and I cannot wait for xmas and if you video near the time about her experiencing it! Lots of love!💗 Macie xx
Amy Lewis   1 week ago
Loving vlogtober !!! Can't wait to start wearing my orange pinafore dress. It looked lovely on you !! X
Phoebe & Me   1 week ago
I thought the pinafore looked lovely, colour suited you too! Have you watched 'once upon a time' on Netflix? It's about a town that has disney characters in it but they don't know they are, it sounds weird but defo try the first few eps! 😘💜


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