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1 week ago

Scottish weddings are the best. My friends got married at the Thomas coats memorial church and had a party reception at the lynnhurst hotel in Johnstone. Loads of dancing, alcohol, speeches and an amazing wedding breakfast meal. Ending the night to Loch Lomond with the wedding party, friends and family. It was a right proper Scottish wedding

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We're The Millers   1 week ago
Sorry for those who can't see this one. It's music related so you need to watch it from a laptop or desktop computer and not a mobile device x
superbellabeau   1 week ago
Great video Nat! Loved the piper and the kilts and I knew some of the Scottish songs at the end from my Dad and Gran! Made me feel very Scottish watching it! Happy day from Sally and the fur crew! :)
Wings71 -P   1 week ago
Hi Natalie, Looks like a wonderful wedding with a beautiful bride and we think you look beautiful too We might add. Say hi to David and the boys for us, we left you a letter on that newfangled machine!! lol Take Care and Best Wishes hugs and Kisses
Allison McGill   1 week ago
Ah, it says on my tablet its not available, never knew that was why? Thx x
Tom Kurowski   1 week ago
You look great 😉have fun!!
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