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1 week ago

Helloooo! xox

Thank you so much for visiting my channel!.I am Kailey, 22 years old and I am a British mum, who loves to film my life with my fiance and our daughter Nieve.

On my channel you will find mainly lifestyle Vlogs! If you would like to be kept up to date with my latest uploads then please SUBSCRIBE! 🙂

Our lives really are only just getting started, there is so much more still to come that I want to capture on film and share with you all!

You can also follow me here:

INSTAGRAM | mummalvoesya
TWITTER | @mummalovesya

If your a business that want to work with me OR you just want to ask me something then you can also contact me via email at [email protected]…. I look forward to hearing from you! 🙂 xox

I use music from: http://www.bensound.com & youtube music library.


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Sammy Martin   1 week ago
Hi omg I love your vlogs and if you reply too this it will be awesome thx love yiu
Sammy Martin   1 week ago
mummalovesya thank you for replying I find ur videos super funny
mummalovesya   1 week ago
thank you xx
A Diary for Darcy   1 week ago
Great vlog. When it's rainy and horrible sometimes days at home are lovely and cosy 👌🏻 good luck with the house viewing. Exciting 😀 xx
Phoebe & Me   6 days ago
I love how squeaky your voices go when it's sped up! Soooo cute 😂😘
KrissyBeeTv   1 week ago
OMG just found you. NEW SUBBIE FROM JAMAICA GIRL. helloooooo. i started vlogging too. VLOGTOBER. cant wait to see more vids
whiteyho123   1 week ago
Hi Kailey, lovely vlog! Neive loved the painting, didn't she?I think u were right about the food, she was prob not hungry enough- I remember this with my son plus they so go through eating fads don't they? Xx
mummalovesya   1 week ago
yeah I'm just happy she is finally eating a little bit more again, she normally has such a large appetite! so I'm thinking its just a phase, but by changing the times and giving her a chance to actually get hungry is definitely helping her xx


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