Stacey Leigh

8 months ago

HE SENT ME AWAY FROM MY CHILDREN – My husband surprised me to a break away. Ofcourse I brought you along as I needed company haha. Like if you would like to see a hotel room tour – the bathroom was my fav!

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Hey my name is Stacey mum to Reika 11 and my 2 year old son Jacob who has been diagnosed with Autism in Sept 2016 💖 Stacey xx

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Hey! I’m Stacey, Welcome to my YouTube channel.

I’m a mum of two – a girl called Reika-Asia who is 11 and a boy called Jacob who is 2.

Let’s just say my life has been ‘different’ and it’s fair to say there were more down’s then up’s. I was also a single teenage mamma for a while. I am now married to the love of my life and we raise our wonderful family together.

Jacob has just been diagnosed with Autism after I saw red flags. I have many video’s highlighting our journey.