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ASDA haul

4 days ago

I had to stick to a budget a bit this week!

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Hi, I’m Kelly, (you,me and the 6 C’s) family of 5 children and 1 King Charles spaniel. I’m an East Londoner living in Liverpool and love vlogging our daily lives and making memories for the kids.

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Samantha Wormstone   20 hour ago
where's your owl teapot from
Samantha Wormstone   5 hour ago
You,me and the 6 C's thank you.
You,me and the 6 C's   8 hour ago
Hi it's from ASDA :-)
Amanda Mctyre   3 days ago
Love an ASDA Haul :)
Rebecca Turner   2 days ago
Well done you for being under your budget :) I find it difficult to stick to a budget, I have 4 kids and always go just slightly over. Must try to be good like you, especially with Xmas creeping up! Great haul. xx
Emma Kershaw   2 days ago
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Raheemicecream   3 days ago
requesting a sainsburys shop
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