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7 months ago

I give you my tip’s for getting some sleep and staying sane when your toddler/child has AUTISM.


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Hey, I’m Stacey Leigh! Im originally from London but moved to Essex 12 years ago. I am now living that country family life. If I could I would live in a farm and make my own jam (my dream) I was a teenage/single parent until I met the man of my dreams (And they say romance is dead aye) I’m mama to my bubba’s – Reika who is 11 and Jacob who is 2. Jacob has just been diagnosed with Autism after I saw red flags. I have many video’s highlighting our Autism journey so check them out. While I was a single parent I studied a degree in Social Work and then worked for Women’s Aid at a women’s refuge. I am so passionate about being a mama, my family, Autism, Mental Health, helping other’s, and spreading positive vibes. I am the poster for no matter what happen’s in your life you get back up and continue! I love home interior and a couple of year’s ago we brought our first home ( a new build) so we are now in the process of re-decorating

So welcome to the community where we don’t judge, and let people be who they are keeping it 100% real. Love Stacey xxx

Stacey Leigh



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