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2 weeks ago

Baby names have been a tricky topic in our family. Find out what we chose to call our kids, what they would have been called if they were the other gender and why we chose their names.


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Hi I’m Fi. Mum to two mini people; Zak aged 10 and Sophie who is just 8months! I’m currently on maternity leave and flying solo much of the time due to my other half, Shaun’s, work commitments.
I am a blogger, writer for the Huffington Post and serial over sharer as well as completely pug and peanut butter obsessed (not at the same time!)

We live in the beautiful Red Rose county of Lancashire and are loving life on little sleep and much too much caffeine. Welcome to A Mum Track Mind!

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A Mum Track Mind   1 week ago
What are your favourite baby names?
Julia Newsam   1 week ago
A Mum Track Mind I love the names you chose. My favourite baby names were Jonathan, Daniel, Benjamin, Michael, Demelza, Lydia, Susanna, Rebecca, Shirine, Sarah & ....Fiona!
Tina Sardo   3 days ago
I'm not pregnant and don't plan to be for at least like 3 years but I loooove the name Calla Mabel for a girl (just randomly thought of Calla one day and Mabel was my great grandmother's name) I cannot think of boy names though! I LOVE Alexander but 1. I already named my dog that and 2. it's wayyy too common for me!
A Mum Track Mind   3 days ago
That's a pretty name! :)
Chloe Bridge (Sorry About The Mess)   1 week ago
Pre-requirement to agree baby names before things get serious - Totally agree!! Me and my other half have quite different tastes and it has been a struggle to name three boys!
A Mum Track Mind   7 days ago
I know right?! It's a tricky topic for sure! Thanks for stopping by x
lisa ray   4 days ago
A Mum Track Mind I think the names you chose for your children cute names . theres lots of names I like to many to list right now. the name runs on my dads side of the family is the name Richard my dads name is Richard and my step brother name was Richard then his son's name is Richard then his son's name was Richard but the only person that actually went by the name Richard was my dad the other people in my family went by the name ricky.
lisa ray   4 days ago
i'm not sure I might but i'll have to find a someone to date then get married first . or I could always name a cat Richard.
A Mum Track Mind   4 days ago
Ah thanks Lisa. Do you think you will use the name Richard?
Mrs. Kay Em   1 week ago
I love this video!! It literally took me & my husband a forever to find the perfect name for our son due this March! hahaha we couldn't agree on a name since he wanted such crazy names!
A Mum Track Mind   1 week ago
It's so hard to agree on something isn't it! Congratulations on your pregnancy though - exciting times ahead! x
A Mum Track Mind


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