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Looking for things to do with the kids this summer? Emily shows us how to make a boredom buster jar full of ideas. What ideas would you add to your jar?

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Why not pick from these ideas to get your jar started:
Have a picnic
Climb a tree
Paint a self-portrait
Draw our house
Turn the TV room into a cinema
Make a treasure map
Make fairy cakes
Turn a shoebox into a theatre
Go to the park
Have a teddy bears picnic
Set up a car wash for the toy cars
Lay on a blanket and study the clouds
Have a paper airplane race
Have a disco party
Send a postcard to a friend
Draw outside with chalk
Make cookies
Choose something to have for dinner and help cook it
Learn a card trick
Learn two jokes
Have a water fight
Make home-made lollies
Put on a play
Wash a pet
Go bird watching
Build a den under the dining table
Go on a bug hunt in the garden
Count how many days to school starts
Count how many days to Christmas
Go stargazing
Make an obstacle course in the garden
Make lemonade
Make home-made ice lollies
Play I Spy
Play a board game
Draw around each other using chalk
Set up a pretend toy shop
Put on a puppet show with your soft toys
Go on a bike ride
Wash the bikes
Write a story featuring your family
Phone, Skype or write to grandparents
Make a birthday card for someone special
Start a diary
Make a sock puppet
Use masking tape on the floor for a toy car race track
Set up a pretend shoe shop
Make a daisy chain
Give dolls or soft toys a bubble bath

Taking part in this video is Emily Norris:
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