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Can we talk about the coats!!!

2 weeks ago

Hello people’s of the tube land thank you so much for watching. Don’t forget to check us out on Facebook/Twitter & Instagram where all the cool kids hang out! Every Monday on http://www.theshuiligans.com for weekly blog all things Shuiligans xxx

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Honestly Aine   1 week ago
All the fluffy coats! I love it
Stephen Halbhuber   1 week ago
Love the new coat u got farrahGlad your all well x
goodi2shooz   2 week ago
darn it I was just getting into the story too! LOL
Sally Gearing   2 week ago
I love your ears ..the cat head band ears
Sean Williams   2 week ago
great video
Pamela Hicks   2 week ago
Omg I love her jacket❤️I also love how you made her fall in love with instantly ❤️
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