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Can’t Hug Every Cat

3 weeks ago

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hobert butler   2 week ago
Hello family, got an idea, Clowns are very popular here in U.S. ever thought about filming inside home, yet having one of the children run in frightened by whats outside. Vewing out the window a clown walking past, Id also use big colorful letters saying "First U.K clown. just an idea these get multi thousand hits.
Cattygogirl97   2 week ago
I hope you have fun at camp Lucy. xx We have cats so I'll do a video for Sophie (at some point).
Cat AMD   2 week ago
I had a beautiful collie until last year when she sadly passed away x
Denise B (madblondedee)   2 week ago
awww bless Sophie crying for a cat, we have three so have lots to tell but will try and do a vlog for Sophie so she can see what it's like
Amy   2 week ago
I don't know why but I started tearing up when Sophie was crying about the cat! Awww so cute, I totally understand though, I love cats too xx
Lucy Allen   2 week ago
Arr bless Sophie x
md anwar   2 week ago
TheRVlife.   2 week ago
Aww i would love a cat too Sophie!! we don't have room for more animals though, we did have two twin ginger cats when we had our house, and we loved them. The only thing i didn't like was the litter box, i hated the smell so would be constantly cleaning it lol Hope you have a great time on your camp Lucy!
Maisie Firth   2 week ago
Larry Tofthagen   2 week ago
Lucy looks great as a cadet, in her uniform.
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