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Children’s Autumn Clothing Haul featuring Next, Sainsburys and Roco

2 weeks ago

I’ve been picking up some autumn pieces for my two little ones so thought I would share them with you.

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Helpful Mum   2 week ago
You got some really lovely bits. Love the blue dress from Next.
hollybobbsblog   1 week ago
Thank you! I saw we did a haul at same time! x
Kirsty Uninterrupted   1 week ago
You managed to find some lovely things. I wonder if Next have the tights in adult sizes - I love coloured winter woolly tights!
Chloe Bridge (Sorry About The Mess)   1 week ago
Love those block colour long sleeve T-shirts, might have to pick those up for my boys. And OH. MY. GOSH. your dog is just adorable. Off to watch your 'New Arrival' vid now...
Lucy - Hello Beautiful Bear   6 days ago
Oh my goodness, your puppy is bloomin' adorable! I'm loving Sainsburys at the moment for kid's clothes, I can't help but go in every time we're over at the retail park. Aww loving the witch costume, so many gorgeous colours! That yellow lumberjack shirt for Jack is fab as well and all of the jumpers X
Rhiannon Teeluck   2 week ago
Lovely haul, I am having the same problem with colours in shops - I love bright colours but they are all really boring and washed out. Saw some nice stuff in Boots though so will be going back tomorrow xxx
hollybobbsblog   1 week ago
Boots is never a place I remember to look, I have to say! May have to have a peek x


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