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CSP REVIEW | Ruby’s Place

6 days ago

Not a paid promotion it’s just I’ve had lost if people ask about cloth pads recently and so I’m doing a more specific review of my pads from

Find her selling CSP page here https://www.facebook.com/Rubys-place-csp-1549917611955788/

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bigpurpleduck   4 days ago
Thanks so much for sharing. This was timely for me as I've just given up with the mooncup and I'm thinking of buying some cloth pads.What other brands have you tried and how did you find them?
bigpurpleduck   16 hour ago
Lumdeedums Fab, thank you!
Lumdeedums   4 days ago
bigpurpleduck https://youtu.be/6Ou8Npyda4U
Lumdeedums   4 days ago
bigpurpleduck a fair few. I've another CSP vid where I show them all.
I love my dimples secret garden as they have hidden pul. Eco rainbow are brill too. I find my baba be boho leak where as others don't as easily if at all so they are probably lower in my list.
Tsc eco are good too.
I try and link my other vid here and that shows all the pads I had a while back. I have added more since but not masses.

Click on try now!   4 days ago


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