Toddler car seat review | CYBEX SOLUTION Q2-FIX | Unboxing & Review

Lara Jarvis

Today I am unboxing, setting up and installing the Cybex Q2 Fix to review it for a 3 year old. You will be able to see what comes in the box and how to set it up safely.
This car seat is suitable for children 3 to 12 years which makes it a great investment and will see you child throughout their need for a car seat. **OPEN FOR MORE**

I got this car seat from Surrey baby store for £190. Their official website info;

The Happy Black Solution Q2-Fix Car Seat is suitable for children 3 to 12 years!

From the Cybex Platinum collection.

The classic Happy Black colour in this impressive Solution Q2-Fix car seat. The car seat includes some outstanding features which are practical for parents and ensures your child is comfy on all adventures.

The most important aspect in a safety image is that the Solution Q2-Fix includes a patented reclining headrest. This genius feature prevents your child’s head from falling forward – ideal when they are sleeping. Cybex’s Solution Q2-Fix is all about safety, with it’s L.S.P system plus, head protection and ISOFix connect system the car seat enhances safety and stability.

Solution Q2-Fix car seat is also compatible with cars that do not have ISOFix.

The force of a side-impact collision is absorbed by these safety cushions as well as by the shoulder and head protectors. Your child’s kinetic energy in their body caused by the impact is absorbed straight away and their head is guided into a safe position.


Group 2/3, 15-36kg
Suitable for children 3 – 12 years
3 position recline headrest (patented)
Advanced air ventilation system
8 colour choices and 2 fabric choices
Comfort fabric
ISOFix connect
Extra wide and deep seat cushion
L.S.P System Plus
11 position automatic height and width adjustment
Super soft cushion for the best comfort
Fabric covers are machine washable at 30°c
Reclining backrest – the car seat perfectly adjusts to the vehicle seat
Cybex side safety pads – additional protection in case of a side-impact collision
Complies with the ECE R-44/ 04 Supplement 7
Measurement: L412 x W529-612 x H619-817 mm
Weight: 7.6kg

ISOFix Connect:

Enhanced safety and stability with a one-click installation. The connectors simply snap into the car ISOFix anchorage points, the connectors will easily be folded away when not in use. They will fold away so that the seat can be used in cars without ISOFix.

Automatic Height and Width Adjustment:

This allows the seat to grow with your child, this is a new safety function for flexible alignment of the seat to your child’s size. Using one hand you can change the height and width to 11 possibilities! The height and width can be adjusted simultaneously, the seat can grow up to 8cm in width and 20cm in height.

3 Position Reclining Headrest:

Prevents your little one’s head from falling forward while sleeping. The headrest guarantees optimal protection in the event of a side-impact collision. Your child’s head and neck area is protected in a side-impact collision and it remains in the car seat’s safety zone.

L.S.P System Plus (Linear Side-Impact Protection): The optimised Linear Side-impact Protection (L.S.P. System Plus) absorbs impact energy at a very early stage.

The new width adjustment works hand in hand with the L.S.P. System Plus – an optimised Linear Side-impact Protection. The force of a side-impact collision is thereby systematically reduced by the additional impact shields as well as the shoulder and head protectors. At the same time the body’s kinetic energy resulting from an accident is absorbed at a very early stage and the head is actively directed into a secure position.

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