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Date Night with Iceland (and four children. And a dog.) #ad

3 weeks ago

Hi everybody! So, Channel Mum challenged us to enjoy a date night in with Iceland and I had to google ‘date night’ because it’s been so long since we had one that I had more or less forgotten the concept! But it sounded like good fun so I did my shopping, changed into a skirt, put on some lipstick and then found that my evening was hijacked by four cold-encrusted children of the human variety and one VERY hopeful canine (she’ll do anything in the world for a sweet potato fry)! Naturally, NOTHING went to plan…

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Chloe Bridge (Sorry About The Mess)   3 week ago
Those desserts look amazing. HUNGRY.
Meet The Wildes   3 week ago
Omg Chloe, you cannot IMAGINE.  Iceland WIN at pudding.
Charlotte the Magpie Mama   3 week ago
Lol glad to see it wasn't just us that had little helpers! We were lucky to just have 2 of our 5! 😁
Channel Mum   3 week ago
All of the pudding! Loved this 😍
Charlotte the Magpie Mama   3 week ago
What a gorgeous family you are! 😍 😍 😍
Charlotte the Magpie Mama   3 week ago
Cor the music made it feel so dramatic! I was on tenterhooks to what you were going to choose! 😁
Meet The Wildes


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