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4 days ago

Hi Guys,
After my first every request.. here is my latest Vlog.. A day in my life! I can only apologise for the state of my house.. we recently moved and are waiting to have lots of building work done so there just isn’t enough space for all of our things!!
I hope you enjoy it,

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Emily Norris   3 days ago
OMG I need that car that drives up the wall! What is it? xx
Kerry Whelpdale   3 days ago
Emily Norris it's so cool isn't it! It's from Hamleys.. Rory chose it when we went! It goes on the floor, wall and ceiling and doesn't scratch it at all! It hoovers!! Get one for the boys for Xmas xxx
lucy wright   3 days ago
Ha It was me that requested a DITL!! as I watch Emily's too! unless you had more than one request! Loved it. Thank you. Your husband wasn't too impressed you chatting in bed on his lay in!! xx
Kerry Whelpdale   3 days ago
lucy wright yes it was you :) my first request for a Vlog :) thank you!
No he wasn't impressed.. wouldn't show his face on the camera without his make up on! Lol!!!! He is a funny old some that guy!!!
Thanks for watching.. I hope you enjoyed it xxx

Stefanie Reeve   4 days ago
Thanks for sharing! Love a DITL vlog! Good effort with the roast, my kitchen has similar appliances at present and I'm not that brave!! xx
Kerry Whelpdale   3 days ago
Stefanie Reeve well a roast that should have taken 1.5 hours to do, took me nearly 3 hours as I kept having to swap things over in the oven as it didn't all fit in! It also can't have the oven and hobs on at the same time!! Very annoying!! Lol! I'm hoping it will all be fixed very soon! Thanks for watching :) xxx
Kerry Whelpdale


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