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3 weeks ago

Wow. Today has been an emotional rollercoaster, completely up and down but that’s parenting I guess. It’s had it’s highs and lows, but ultimately, in hindsight I was just tired and hormonal. Poor Harrison having to put up with a mum grump!

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Katie Ellison (mummydaddyme)   2 week ago
A lovely video, Harrison is so gorgeous. As is his Mummy. I can relate to the tantrums, when you aren't feeling yourself one of them can tip you over the edge. Remember you are only human and we all go through this from time to time. xx
Nicola Johnston   2 week ago
Were having quite a few of those days at the moment! Aria can be the sweetest thing one minute and the next she's just impossible. It's all just a phase, but it's hard not to let it get to us sometimes isn't it? Open the wine! Who cares if it's not 5pm yet 😜
Claire Miller (clairebellaloves)   7 days ago
That's such a lovely park. I can relate to the tantrums. We are in the midst of them at home!
lovejlaac   2 week ago
You're a superstar! And we can't all be fabulous all the time. Loved this one xxx
Katrina Kwofie   2 week ago
loving your vlogs please could you do a Halloween baking or craft video need some ideas xx
Shannon Green   2 week ago
Aww bless him, he's grown up so much!
Amaya Raymond   2 week ago
had to leave NEXT after lil man was pulling a tantrum abort abort!
laura stevens   2 week ago
Being a mummy is so tough sometimes especially when your not feeling yourself. Hope this week has been better for you xx
EleanorSusan   2 week ago
My 22 month old son loves watching your vlogs with Harrison in them :) I know exactly how you feel regarding the tantrum situation, we've had a couple of meltdowns in shops, it makes you feel so embarrassed like people are judging you. But I really would try not to stress about it (I know its hard), most people have had children themselves so will understand, and the people who don't understand are quite frankly not worth your time of day xx
SharonLouise_x   2 week ago
I've had many times I've left a shop when my kids had terrible tantrums. Big hugs being a mum is the hardest job on those tough days. X
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