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Day In The Life Stay At Home Mum | Cleaning Day | Get Shit Done Day

4 weeks ago

This weeks day in the life, I thought I would film our get shit done/cleaning routine. You know because my life is so rock and roll!!

**sorry this video is late, I uploaded and realsied I had left a 5 minute clip of me washing the pots…no one wants to see that so I re -editied!**

Music courtesy of epidemic sound

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Hi, I am Becky, Mummy to 11-year-old Ellie, 5-year-old Jenson, 4-year-old Evie and 2-year-old Elsie (phewww…its a mouthful!) I started this channel after enjoying other mummy vlogs.

I upload every Wednesday and Saturday usually crafts, or baking with the kids BUT we also film lots of other things too. Day In The Life? Yup, we do that! Reviews? Yep, that too! Our channel is generally what we are currently enjoying!

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Chloe Bella   2 week ago
Can you do the Oreo changelle please x
3 Princesses and 1 Dude   2 week ago
I will add it to my to do list! :)
Kirsty Uninterrupted   2 week ago
Wow it must have been bad if chocolate didn't make the bump better! CBeebies has magic powers in our house too. Love your tick list - I should do that and then I might get something done!
fritha strickland   2 week ago
I think we definitely need a cleaning day in my house! It's getting a bit out of control! x
Anna Williamson   1 week ago
What is the song called that is playing at the start of the video? Love it!
3 Princesses and 1 Dude   1 week ago
Hi Anna, its Waking Up To Another Day - Sebastian Forslund
Lawrence de Galan Origami   3 week ago
This is a really awesome video, friend! I like it a lot! :-) You get a big like from me! 😃👍👊✌️👌
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