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Day in the life of a young Mum

2 weeks ago

Hello my lovelies! Thought I’d give you a little vlog to show you what a day is like, in the life of a young Mum! We went for lovely walks & enjoyed some quality time at home together! Let me know if you want to see more vlogs, I’m quite enjoying making them at the moment. Anyway, please like the video & subscribe to my channel because I would love love love that!
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Miss CLX   1 week ago
OMG Olivia with her own camera is just adorable 😍😍
Megan Harris   1 week ago
Haha! I've turned them both to vloggers!
Emma-Louise Everest   1 week ago
Ah love veritys clapping!! Seen you got a toastie maker.. Aren't they the WORST to clean!!!! Ps I HATE washing up dishes but LOVE doing clothes washing, putting it away etc haha! X
KrissyBeeTv   1 week ago
CONGRATULATIONS ! NEW SUBBIE FROM JAMAICA. heyyyy its Krissy Bee. I LOVED THIS VIDEO.... I just started daily vlogging sharing jamaica with the world. i look forward to your future videos. thumbs up
Ballard Vlogs   1 days ago
Just found your channel. You're very beautiful! I subscribed 😊
Megan Harris


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