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1 week ago

Helloooo! xox

Thank you so much for visiting my channel!.I am Kailey, 22 years old and I am a British mum, who loves to film my life with my fiance and our daughter Nieve.

On my channel you will find mainly lifestyle Vlogs! If you would like to be kept up to date with my latest uploads then please SUBSCRIBE! 🙂

Our lives really are only just getting started, there is so much more still to come that I want to capture on film and share with you all!

You can also follow me here:

INSTAGRAM | mummalvoesya
TWITTER | @mummalovesya

If your a business that want to work with me OR you just want to ask me something then you can also contact me via email at [email protected]…. I look forward to hearing from you! 🙂 xox

I use music from: http://www.bensound.com & youtube music library.


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Leanne Martin   1 week ago
Hey Kailey :) Just wondering, will you be doing vlogmas? x
mummalovesya   5 days ago
I most probably will! :) xx
sandra young   1 week ago
Bow Boutique is great for little girls hair. Claire Witt uses them for her little girl, Violet 😊 xx
Kisha Tolentino (SantillanFamily)   1 week ago
yall are sooo funny! Laughed so hard at the ending that i woke my son up from his nap. oops lol
Thanjina Akhtar   1 week ago
if you are reading this kailey i just want to say i love the makeup you did today
Megan Smilezz   1 week ago
my mom used to buy me hair bows like these ones when i was younger, they lasted me a while. im not sure if they do shipping in the UK, i live in the US but they might have something similar for you!!! i loooove your vlogs <3 xx EDIT: i looked and they do ship to the UK if you go with them! i hope i helped <3https://www.etsy.com/listing/184838935/set-of-10-40-pcs35-inches-hair-bows40?utm_campaign=shopping_us_Ribbonandhairbows_sfc_osa&utm_medium=cpc&utm_source=google&utm_custom1=0&utm_content=9081087&gclid=CI3c2Jag1M8CFZAAaQodEyICZA 
Leeann&Toddler   1 week ago
Pretty moo moos are really good and extremely cut for hair bows and clips! Really loving your vlogs. Look forward to watching them every night Xx
Richard Higgins   1 week ago
Hi kailey, you should order bows headbands etc from the bow boutique. My little girl Emily is 19months and I get all hers from them. There fab quality and so many to choose from xx
Richard Higgins   1 week ago
Sorry I'm Kay from Manchester but logged into hubbys profile xx
Phoebe & Me   1 week ago
For P's bows I use 'bowtastic clips' have a look on insta and her website, she's so affordable! 😘
whiteyho123   1 week ago
Aw lovely vlog Kailey, I did miss Neive though- she makes me laugh! I've noticed she's getting really clingy isn't she? My son was the same at that age, he'd become distraught and really sob! It used to break my heart and also be slightly suffocating- bless them !! Xx
briiittany   1 week ago
Nieve is so sweet!! I feel like I say that every video, but she really is adorable. And she's so clever!
mummalovesya   5 days ago
thank you, she is a really clever girl, I'm so proud of her xx


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