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Dream dinner guests vlog

2 weeks ago

October Vlog Stars is all about your dream dinner party guests. Aby and I would love to hear yours! Find out more and link up at http://www.mrandmrstplusthree.com or http://www.youbabymemummy.com Thanks for watching and thumbs up if you want to see more vlogs with me and Aby together!

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Mackenzie Glanville   1 week ago
I had to look up your Damon, yep HOT! I love River though he was so beautiful wasn't he! This Vlog was so adorable, love the friendship you ladies have xx
Amy Treasure   1 week ago
Ooh he is HOT I am glad you think so hehe. River was beautiful xx
Sparkles And Stretchmarks   7 days ago
You guys look bloody amazing for ten past 1 in the morning!!! Love SJP! She's SO cool it's just impossible... Great video! x
Lucy - Hello Beautiful Bear   1 week ago
Oh no! I can't stand SJP, she's just one of those people, she hasn't done anything but I just don't like her haha! Totes agree would love to have dinner with Eddie Izzard as well 🙂 Amy I've just been shouting 'Ricky Gervais' at the screen as well, loved this video, you are such a great team as always 😘 Will have to look up this hottie from Vampire Diaries as well xx
Amy Treasure   1 week ago
Oh no to SJP haha! Can you look up Damon Salvatore and let me know if you think he’s smoking hot?! I really think you will lol!! Thanks for watching xx
Amy Treasure


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