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2 weeks ago

Harrison recently transitioned from his cot to his bed and weaned off of his bottle so easily, but we’re stuck with the dummy. It’s his comfort item and after a week of sleepless nights, I gave in and need your help! So please, leave all of your comments below and help a mama out.

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Lorraine Mulrooney   2 week ago
I've ditched the dummy over a week ago. I will do a quick video tomorrow for Saturday on what we did exactly xxxx
Laura Byrne   2 week ago
+Lorraine Mulrooney Oh really? I look forward to watching that Lorraine. Give me a heads up when it's live poppet x
deanne winks   2 week ago
Why are you so worried?! Stop worrying so much Laura , my son was 4 yes 4 when HE decided to give his dummy away, he didn't have it in public but used it as a comfort at home and at bed time. His teeth are fine, his speech is fine, please let them lead the way sometimes. H is 8 now and my youngest is 2 and I will be following everything I did With my oldest with my youngest , let him lead the way and don't worry about being at the stage society thinks he should be I did this with a big bed, toilet training dummies and It wasn't stressful for either of us then because he was ready xx
Fermerswife   2 week ago
My two haven't had dummys so no advice but if it's only used for comfort at sleep times I really wouldn't stress. He'll grow out of it in time. I suppose you could try the leave it out for Santa trick since Xmas isn't far away but he's had so much transition recently (go Harrison) I really wouldn't push it xx
Carole Jackson   1 week ago
We are giving Santa our dummy at Christmas for the baby fairies...worked with my other three children so fingers crossed Ivy gives hers up !!!! Good luck x
Amy Armstrong   2 week ago
when we were kids my mam told my brother to pick a toy and he could have it once he gave up his dummies. He took a picture of the toy he wanted to bed with him every night instead of the dummies for 2 weeks. he then got the toy and never wanted a dummy again. he used to carry 6 around with him.
Katrina Kwofie   2 week ago
That's a great idea x
Katrina Kwofie   2 week ago
I took my 14 month old off her dummy at 9 months and bottle 12 months hv told me the longer you leave it the harder it is use the dummy fairy put the dummy on a tree and in the morning the fairy will leave a gift we did this in the nursery I worked at after a week or two he will be fine x
Melanie (melzo)   2 week ago
Hi.. don't rush take baby steps. Emphasize what a big boy he is and the pacifier is not needed. Use for bed time and let him know that once it's gone it gone. Also try a new bed time stuff animal etc. I would not worry.. Harrison is only two and it is a security item
Isabelle Sch   2 week ago
My niece has just turned 4 years old and she has to give her dummie away this year. The dentist has told my sister that it is adviced to take the dummie away before the age of 4, because of their teeth. So this year she has to give her dummie to Saint Nicolas (kinda like Santa Claus in Belgium). In my town there is also a dummie tree, where all the kids once a year hang there dummie up the tree and kinda say goodbye to it. My niece also only used it to sleep, so if Harrison still wants it. He is still young, I think you can still give it to him for like another year and maybe next year he can give it to Santa? We post it to him and in return my niece will get a gift.
Laura Byrne   2 week ago
+Isabelle Sch Oh really? A dummy tree sounds SO cute- maybe I'll have to start one in London. Mine went to Father Christmas, so his probably will too. Maybe we'll visit a special little Lapland and do it!
Channel Mum   1 week ago
It\'s sooooo hard, isn\'t it? Don\'t be tough on yourself.
Hannah Richards   2 week ago
my little boy is 2 half. he used to have it all the time. now he understands that he has it at nap time & bed time. since he doesn't have it all the time he talks more. my eldest son I took the dummy away at 8 mths old before he could talk. and that worked well.
Laura Byrne


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