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3 days ago

Georgie the interactive puppy is a new addition to our family. He’s a lot easier than a real puppy and makes a lot less mess!

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Mummy Mog   3 days ago
Edith would love this - so cute! It's a shame that toys seem to be so expensive now a days - I just can't justify it, not when she is just as happy playing with a "new" toy she bought in a charity shop for a few pennies. x
Helpful Mum   3 days ago
+Mummy Mog it is expensive but would make a great joint present from a few people and would certainly be played with regularly. We often get our kids one big present from ourselves and a few relatives for Christmas.
Georgie Interactive Puppy   2 days ago
Thank you for the wonderful +Georgie Interactive Puppy video!
Helpful Mum


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