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3 weeks ago

Great Scottish run 10k and half marathon 2016 was on yesterday. Runners starting in George square ran to Glasgow green to the finish line all in the aid of some amazing Charities. David and my mum ran the 10k in aid of glasgow sick kids charity and we had a great day watching all the runners on the race.
The great Scottish run 2016
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Raising money for Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity (formerly Yorkhill Children’s Charity) because Of all the help they have given Caleb

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totallycharlie   3 week ago
Yayy well done!! My mums doing an ultra marathon in November (34 miles lol.)
We're The Millers   3 week ago
totallycharlie wow that's a lot of running. Where is she doing it?
FunFoods   3 week ago
David did well. Busy weekend for you guys. Now I got to see the Christmas tree go on Caleb's face and come off. Lol.
superbellabeau   3 week ago
Great to see David and your Mum running for charity and for such a great cause! Happy day Nat from Sally and the fur crew! :)
Wee Clan Torrance   2 week ago
So pleased you had such a nice day for it! Well done to dad and gran! Hope David recovers well and feels much better soon <3 Sending happy weekend love x
The Buchanan Family   3 week ago
Well done to David and your mum!!
We're The Millers   3 week ago
The Buchanan Family thank you Paula x
Hanna Crossey   2 week ago
Hi well done on completing the 10k I saw in the video the big blue star that was running and I was hoping u could check out the charity it's called brightest star it's about my little brothers best friend who died in 2012 from a virus at just 6 years old they have there own YouTube channel and website and everything and I was hoping that u could check it out thanks😄
Sophie xox   2 week ago
omg I was there xxxxx
We're the Millers