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1 week ago

I dove right into the deep end and decided it was time to quit the dummy, my approach was a total success and my daughter is happily off her dummy with no upset at all. its like it never existed


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Heidi Hellings   3 days ago
Well done. I still need to do this with Jude. I don't think he will fall asleep without it though! Might just have to brave a few screams at bedtime😳 X
More of Me   1 week ago
I need to try this with my little one, as soon as he gets tired he wants it! I'm trying to replace it with his teddy that he loves x
Isabel Brandon   7 days ago
we've done 5 nights in a row now with success! It's super suspicious how easy it was... I've found it harder in the day because he is the same with it being his main source of comfort like you said. But yay! high 5 gurl!
Becky Goddard-Hill   5 days ago
Great stuff!
Lorraine Mulrooney


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