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2 weeks ago

#IAMWHOLE is an amazing campaign led by Jordan Stephens to raise awareness of mental health, especially in young people and to hopefully eliminate the stigma that surrounds it.

I thought I’d finally share my personal experience as I have felt like I haven’t entirely been honest with you guys, and this isn’t what this channel is about! I know its a long one but I don’t think its one of those ones that can be shortened too much. I was actually talking for over an hour so I’ve cut it down a fair bit haha!

There’s no shame in feeling low or anxious, and theres absolutely no shame in seeking help and getting to where you’d love to be. There is so much help available and we’re so so lucky to have a National Health Service that is ready and waiting for us!! You CAN do this and you CAN be okay again – its all temporary.

**IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS – Do not hesitate to message me. I totally get where you’re coming from and I’m here if you need me**

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Jules Furness   4 days ago
You are so amazing. So much braver and smarter than I was your age! I bet this will help others see they can ask for help too x
lovejlaac   3 days ago
Thank you lovely Jules, you're the bravest person I know!! Thinking of you xxx
JK and Charlie   1 week ago
Brave not brace!
Along Came Jay   4 days ago
Just to say how impressed I am with how strong and mature you are at such a young age. I am sorry you've had your fair share of troubles but look at how far you've come with your gorgeous little boy who loves you so much. I saw the photo the other day of you taking him to the local curry house and also the pumpkin patch vlog. I love your parenting style and could learn a thing or two off you! Keep smiling darling you're amazing! xx
lovejlaac   3 days ago
This is one of the loveliest comments ever, thank you so much Bella. Yeah everything only makes you a better person doesn't it haha. You're such a lovely person honestly I love you to bits! xxx
Evie Pickerill   1 week ago
You're amazing x
Finding Tori   1 week ago
Your very brace lovely, I thought more people would have got involved and filmed for this campaign if I'm honest 😕 goes to show the stigma is still there. I've filmed a video too so know how hard this will have been for you xxx
Finding Tori   5 days ago
lovejlaac yeh the channel mum ladies have done which is amazing, but I mean a lot of other vloggers/daily bloggers haven't. I expected my YouTube feed to be full of videos about it but was surprised it was just the channel mum ladies x
lovejlaac   5 days ago
Thank you sweet, I know quite a few of the other Channel Mum's have - and if they haven't vlogged, they've definitely written a post on their blogs or Instagram's! xx
JK and Charlie   1 week ago
I've just watched this. I think you're amazing. I've always thought so but even more so now. It takes a brace person to admit there are issues and to tackle them head on. Jax is going to be so proud of his mummy xxx
lovejlaac   1 week ago
JK and Charlie aww Charlie thank you so much for this comment! Was so scary filming lol but I'm so glad I put it out there 😂 I felt like I wasn't being honest with anyone! You're amazing too xxx
Charlotte Lily   1 week ago
I don't know you but follow you on social media and this is so brave of you! It's helped me to realise I shouldn't keep everything hidden. You explained how I feel a lot of the time SO well, I can relate 100%! You have a lovely little boy he is a credit to you and he's lucky to have a lovely mummy like you xx
lovejlaac   5 days ago
Ah this is so lovely, thank you so much Charlotte. I hope you can begin to feel better asap and get out of how you're feeling :) Thanks again chick xx


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