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It all got a bit dramatic | IVF Vlog

1 week ago

Well we’ve had the test result which is a start and tried to make the best of the day. I’m determined to be more positive tomorrow and not let this ruin our dreams. Thank you everyone for such kindness in this mornings vlog J x

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We are a family of 3, living in Suffolk, England. My husband works full time and I’m a stay at home mum / work from home mum with my 2 year old Josh. So far our little family was made with adoption and hopefully soon it will be through IVF too. Families are made with love either way. I vlog day in the life of a mum, healthy living, and an IVF diary among lots of other things that interest me as we go along. I share healthy clean eating or vegetarian recipes over on my blog. I’m also a sponsored vlogger for Channel Mum, the honest face of parenting. They would love to see you too!

Common questions:

Why do you call viewers Housemates sometimes? When we daily vlogged for a week during April 2016 we said you’d be our housemates for the week and it stuck.

What camera do you use? General blogging out and about my Olympus EPL7 or Iphone 6s. Older blogs used a Canon G7x and a Canon 700d

Where do you live? Suffolk. United Kingdom

What is your job? I have a family blog, I am sponsored by Channel Mum to create videos on my channel and I make videos for other people through my little business Inspired Heart http://bit.ly/Inspiredheart

How old was Josh when you adopted him? We aren’t specific, but he was a baby

Where are you having your IVF treatment? At the Gynem clinic in Prague which you can find here http://bit.ly/JFGynem. You can read the disclaimer regarding my collaboration with them here http://bit.ly/IVFDisclaimer

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Dolly bow bow Kate Murnane   5 days ago
Can I just say, you are amazing x
Jules Furness   1 days ago
+Dolly bow bow Kate Murnane thanks Katie. I don't feel it ha but thank you x
Charlotte Louise Taylor   1 week ago
Sending you so much love. You're an amazing person and I've always loved your memories, but I feel truly touched that you let us be a part of these. You can do this flower. Deep breaths. Eyes to the sky. Stay strong. xx
Liv 4 Today   1 week ago
Oh my dear... I'm so so sorry. No matter if you were pregnant or not, you felt like you were, and that is something to grieve. It's okay to be upset. All of us who have struggled with infertility know those emotions well. Fx this works out for you. have a good cry, take care of yourself. big hugs.
Sam Polley   1 week ago
Hoping that everything goes ahead smoothly with this cycle and they find out what the black dot is and that it's nothing to worry about. Sending you positive vibes for a hopeful transfer. IVF is so hard on us physically and emotionally but we can do it. I just had a knock back too in my follicle Scan but am praying that things turn around for us too. We can both do it 💪🏻 xx
Sam Polley   1 week ago
Jules Furness how did I miss that???? Xx
Jules Furness   1 week ago
+Sam Polley oh I hope you're ok. We've since found out my black dot isn't a problem so fingers crossed for transfer now x
Yvonne B   1 week ago
Awwww Jules hope its nothing to worry about sending good vibes and huge hugs your way xxx
Lumdeedums   1 week ago
Hugs love. Beautifully put together blog as always.
Kate+   1 week ago
Sending lots of love and hugs to you Jules xx
Abigail Davey   1 week ago
Hi Jules, sorry if this is a silly question but have they told you whether they have any idea what the black dot is? X
Diane64   1 week ago
Sending you tons of positivity wishing you the best of luck. Sorry, on another note - what is that song at the end part of your video please? I really like it x
Laura Clark   1 week ago
PS: I LOVE the quote you put at the end x
Jules Furness


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