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2 weeks ago

Helloooo! xox

Thank you so much for visiting my channel!.I am Kailey, 22 years old and I am a British mum, who loves to film my life with my fiance and our daughter Nieve.

On my channel you will find mainly lifestyle Vlogs! If you would like to be kept up to date with my latest uploads then please SUBSCRIBE! 🙂

Our lives really are only just getting started, there is so much more still to come that I want to capture on film and share with you all!

You can also follow me here:

INSTAGRAM | mummalvoesya
TWITTER | @mummalovesya

If your a business that want to work with me OR you just want to ask me something then you can also contact me via email at [email protected]…. I look forward to hearing from you! 🙂 xox

I use music from: http://www.bensound.com & youtube music library.


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sandra young   2 week ago
Hi Kayley, would you like your blind blackout lined or just normal lining? Also I've got some lovely white silk so it will match your room better xx
mummalovesya   2 week ago
Just normal would be great thanks, & ooo white thats perfect thank you, cannot wait to see it. Thanks again xx
Amy Michelle   2 week ago
I want to try beans on toast. I don't think we have those beans here but I bet I could find them online.
Siobhan C   2 week ago
Amy Michelle beans on toast is a family favourite in the uk and Ireland. They're baked beans in tomato sauce. You could probably get Heinz baked beans online x
Charlotte Sarah   2 week ago
Love the pictures 😍 great vlog 😊
Saphire Cloud   2 week ago
I love the to show Scandal dunno if it is on Netflix but it is a political drama set in Washington DC but is way more about the characters love lives. Has great story lines and once you have watched the first season (only has 7 episodes) if you're anything like me you will be addicted xx
mummalovesya   2 week ago
ohh sounds good, I'm going to look it up now haha thanks xx
Deirdre Conroy   2 week ago
lol neve crying than you say you want juice lol her reply, yeah the way she just stop so funny :-)
The Mummy Diaries   2 week ago
Stranger things is really good, although it's not romance it's a good watch and I love rom-coms as well x
Amy Nicholls   2 week ago
pretty little liars is well worth watching! xx
Leanne Martin   2 week ago
I love it when Nieve says "wassat?" Lol. She was so adorable on the horse ride too <3 Also want those boots in my size! x
Jess Smith   2 week ago
The vampire diaries is amazing x
whiteyho123   2 week ago
Loved those pics! You could get a couple of frames from IKEA and maybe see if you could re frame them- I know there sending you replacements but 2 of each might be nice?? Love Neives boots- do they do adult 6? I would def wear them!! Xx


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