Dear Twans, With Love

It starts with a BANG!!
Or at least it does for poor Tianne, she was fine though, all good. We’ve bought the GoPro 5 and really improved this weeks vlog over last weeks, I mean lets face it last week was rubbish! I was so disappointed with it but I had to post something after my channel trailer return. But we’re back and I love this weeks.
I’m having some sound issues throughout, getting used to the GoPro 5 and using autofocus on the Nikon… I lived and learned.

If our surprise news happens I cannot wait to let you all in on it! I cannot even contain my excitement!

See you next week 🙂

Hello! Nice to meet you, We’re Becki, Dan, Tyler and Tianne! Otherwise known as Dear Twans, With Love.

We’re a young family living in the North West of England, right in the heart of the Lake District and we’re currently in the process of moving to the other side of the world. Australia!

With two young children Tyler 4 and Tianne 3, it’s going to be one fun journey so we’d like to invite you along to join us as we experience the joys of life.

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