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Jeffree Star Drama – Personal Info Hacked By Sephora Employee – Is Anyone Scared of Jeffree Star??

2 weeks ago

Hi everyone!

Have you heard about the latest Jeffree Star Sephora Drama!

Somebody at Sephora hacked in to Jeffree Stars account!!!

Here is what I know,,,

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pobstrel   2 week ago
Trust me Pete Burns is much more ferocious than Jeffree! I do know what you mean though.ο»Ώ
Gemma Michelle   2 week ago
lol :)
Gothic Pies   2 week ago
I'm in love with your makeup and hair 😍
Gemma Michelle   2 week ago
+Gothic Pies ahh thank you 😊
Robbie Watson   2 week ago
Jeffree Star is a very unpleasant person... i've seen video footage of him saying some of the most unimaginable horrid things.... on the other hand.... you're looking lovely as always! :)ο»Ώ
Gemma Michelle   2 week ago
+Robbie Watson ahh thank you, do you know what i haven't seen those videos though I've heard some terrible things so I can imagine... Not nice
Gemma Michelle


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