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2 weeks ago

The boys got a package from multi sensory world and travis went crazy for the orbeez!

check out http://www.multi-sensoryworld.co.uk

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The Woodhouse Life   2 week ago
Travis clearly doesn't know how to play it cool lol #orbeez
esra   1 week ago
why do you roll your eyes so much at your kids? Kids will be kids
The Woodhouse Life   1 week ago
exactly, thats why i roll my eyes, in a 'aah kids, strange creatures' kind of way
Rona Powell   2 week ago
Travis was so excited with the orbies
The Woodhouse Life   1 week ago
kinda lost it haha!
Dervla -   2 week ago
Lovely vlog guys 👍🏻👍🏻❤️
The Woodhouse Life   1 week ago
thank you :) x
Our Moore Story   1 week ago
I love orbeez! They feel amazing. The kids want to put thousands of them In the bath 😂
Christopher Renteria   2 week ago
lol cool
The Woodhouse Life   1 week ago
:) thanks for watching
Aimee Salter   2 week ago
love how excited trav got over the orbeez so lush they were cool how big they gotMiss you guys do u still daily vlog don't worry if you don't put a vlog up everyday I will always love you guys soooooo much xx
The Woodhouse Life   2 week ago
Haha we went crazy didn't he 😂 must of seen them on YouTube somewhere. We are currently doing every other day for a while, we just have so much going on at the minute with lukes parenting network and my little bead business, just felt like the vlogs were getting a bit dull with us all being so busy, but when things calm down we will be back to daily. Love you Aimee😘
The Woodhouse Life


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