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Kids Cook Dinner Episode 1

1 week ago

Hello people’s of the tube land thank you so much for watching. Don’t forget to check us out on Facebook/Twitter & Instagram where all the cool kids hang out! Every Monday on http://www.theshuiligans.com for weekly blog all things Shuiligans xxx

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Jane HF   1 week ago
Now I want to try corn on my pizza! The girls are darling and, it appears, good cooks.
Issie   1 week ago
That looks like super fun!!!😍💖😘
Jenny Faul   1 week ago
throw back to your who said what number 2 you gave me a Shoutout . And you said Faul was an unusual last name and that's becuease my dad us American
Evershear   1 week ago
goodi2shooz   1 week ago
That was adorable and now I want pizza! there is only one place in town where you can get sweet corn on pizza because Americans don't normally put it on their pizza but I love it! and when I make mine at home I put it on mine
Pamela Hicks   1 week ago
Such good little chefs❤️those pizzas look fantastic ❤️
The Shuiligans