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3 weeks ago

I thought it would be ‘fun’ to run through the NHS birth plan app and let you know my thoughts on labour and birth this time round!

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Alice Kelly   2 week ago
No birth is the same. My daughter was a breeze at laboured at home and was 14 minutes from arriving at hospital to delivery. With my son I was in labour suite, induced, took the morphine! Talking of music- my midwife turned the TV up so I couldn't hear the lady next door scream so my son was born to Kanye West Golddigger!
GIBSONVLOGS   2 week ago
This is something I'm really thinking about at the moment! I feel like I need to plan now I'm half way through lol! My midwife has asked if I want a home birth but not sure how I feel about it lol xx
horsegal98   2 week ago
I've had five homebirths and they were so much nicer and more empowering than my blah hospital births.
Chloe Bridge (Sorry About The Mess)   2 week ago
I hope everything goes according to your birth plan. Good luck!! (Also love that lamp in the background)
Jade Pirard (Late For Reality)   2 week ago
I wrote my birth plan today and a few things they mentioned surprised me like about leaving the cord to pulsate for a while before cutting which is worth putting in the plan too :) xx
The Mama Diaries   2 week ago
Aww how things have changed since you filmed this, can't imagine how happy you are to have your husband with you!! Also, hope everything goes to plan. I had Lily in the Aberdeen Midwives Unit, it was a lovely experience. Except they only have one birthing pool and it was taken! I hope you get there at a quiet time!! All the best for when baby decides to make an arrival xxx
Hello Deborah   2 week ago
I'm glad you've got Robert with you now.I wish I'd known how hard breastfeeding was before birth so I didn't have such high expectations of myself. It's a real struggle so far. Did you film a video on your previous experience?Led candles and a relaxed atmosphere sounds great. I didn't want any music but turned all the lights off and everyone was so quiet.You seem really open minded to whatever birth you have. Good luck lovely xx
Lisa Dixon   2 week ago
Bless you Sarah, I realise this was filmed before you moved up to Scotland. You will have Rob with you 🙌🏼. Obviously when you made this, you didn't foresee going over your time. Sending lots of love, positive vibes and hugs - come on Baby Knott xxx
Brittany Titcombe   2 week ago
I love how open you are to how your labor will get on. Sounds like you are keeping all your options open and doing things as needed :)
Linsey Wright   2 week ago
Got so excited. Thought you'd had the baby. 😘 hope you're well xxx
Karen Valkyrie   2 week ago
is she 40 weeks and 5 days already? omg so is she gonna be started in 2 days if she doesnt give birth by then?
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