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Langley Home Candle Review – Vanilla Cinnamon Brulee

2 weeks ago

Hi Everyone

Hope you enjoy my Langley Home Candle Review of Vanilla Cinnamon Brulee

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Kelli Zoe   2 week ago
I think I'm your 1000th subscriber! Yasss.ο»Ώ
Gemma Michelle   2 week ago
+Kelli Zoe yayyyyy
Little She Bear   2 week ago
I will pick some up when I next pass a Clinton's xο»Ώ
Gemma Michelle   2 week ago
+Little She Bear worth a try for Β£5 x
pobstrel   2 week ago
I agree. The strength of the scent is the most important thing. I've bought a Neom candle before and they smell strong cold but barely anything lit.ο»Ώ
Gemma Michelle   2 week ago
+pobstrel hi 😊 so annoying when that happens 😬
Joff Hall   2 week ago
Hi Gemma These will be ideal for the electric candle lamp I have as it wouldn't matter too much about the wick being centred and as they melt from the top down they would pool out evenly. It's for these type of candles everyone should have an electric candle warmer.Have a good week Joff πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘Šο»Ώ
Gemma Michelle   2 week ago
+Joff Hall I think I need to get one πŸ‘
Gemma Michelle


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