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Leia wants to go fast – Day In The Life with 2 under 2 | Rebecca Hollick

2 weeks ago

I’m Rebecca, new mummy to the lovely Leia (as in the princess!) & 8 week old Kaia Rae

Disclaimer – All opinions are my own
I sometimes get sent PR samples for review purposes
I was not paid to film this video

You’ll usually find me buying makeup, venturing out with the bugaboo or instagraming!

Instagram – @iamrebeccahollick
e-mail business enquiries – [email protected]

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Ria Langner   2 week ago
I need a light box, too cute! And I love Asda for kids clothes. Didn't know you had a blog... I'll go and check it out my love x x x
Rebecca Hollick (Tutusandtea)   1 week ago
they are so sweet! I haven't changed the words on mine yet but will defo get the colour version for the girls! Awww yay! hope you like it! xxx
bubbllyboo   6 days ago
Rebecca Hollick


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