Meet The Wildes

Hi everybody! SO, I am talking about something super personal today – and I feel really nervous about pressing publish on this video – but Channel Mum have asked me to share this story with you, and I do feel that it’s important as the generation raising vulnerable new humans to be open about our own vulnerabilities so that we can support each other. I hope that you’ll find my story interesting and feel inspired to join in, if you’d find it healing to do so.

My friend Lisa shared her story here. She’s so interesting, so pop over and give her a watch too! https://youtu.be/sulrdZ-Fhl8

Channel Mum have launched a new, professionally moderated YOU ARE NOT ALONE forum to support maternal mental health. If you would like to chat, we’d be delighted to welcome you; you can find us here: http://www.channelmum.com/chat

You can find more videos about mums’ mental health journeys here: http://www.channelmum.com/parenting/support/mental-health/

Finally, Emma Kenny, TV psychologist, will be collaborating with Channel Mum next week to launch her groundbreaking new mental health video course – so do look out for that.

Uh, and if anyone does have tips for desensitising toddlers to scars – or at least, encouraging them not to talk about them so LOUDLY in public – please do pop them in the comments!

Remember, you’re never alone. We have your back. x


Meet the Wildes is an award-winning modern love story about same-sex couple Amber and Kirsty Wilde, and their two sets of twins – boys born in 2016 and girls born in 2014.


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