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Loneliness in the Fourth Trimester

3 weeks ago

I found this footage on my phone recently and knew I had to publish it. I spoke into the camera of my phone the day my parents went back home after helping me look after our new arrival; baby number two. It was the first time I went back to a quiet, empty house after streams of visitors and family help…and realised it was just me and the baby. My life had changed. Our family dynamic had changed. This was so new. What the hell do I do? i’m now a mum of two. Help!
..and so I cried…and ate cake.

I just wanted to share it with you to help you realise that you are not alone, you can do it mama (and papa)! xxx

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Natalie Birt   2 week ago
Thank you for sharing and your reassurance! Your warm care for anyone else going through the same thing really shows through in this video. Loves xx
Bethanie Lunn   6 days ago
Natalie Birt aww thank you so much. I'm really happy to hear this as to help and support - in any way- is my intention xx
Kate Goode   2 week ago
Loved your honesty. Think it's so important for mum's to realise this is normal and you should feel bad. I had this a couple of weeks back when both my boys were in nursery and preschool at the same time. It had been a tough summer keeping them busy, was really looking forward to the break but just went home and cried!!! As you said though, cake is always the answer! Thanks again for sharing x
Bethanie Lunn   6 days ago
Kate Goode thanks Kate. It's funny isn't it! I guess the key is to be in the moment (and cake)!
Kate Goode   2 week ago
Bethanie Lunn


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