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Mini Pay Day Haul | Poundland, Home Bargains & Charity Shop Finds

2 weeks ago

Opppsie, I popped into Home Bargains and Poundland and these bits just fell into my basket!!! We also had a nosey in the charity shops and found a couple of bargains! **This is Wednesday evenings upload almost 24 hours late sorry, iMovie and YouTube did not want to be friends last night so I had to upload the difficult way!*!*

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Hi, I am Becky, Mummy to 11-year-old Ellie, 5-year-old Jenson, 4-year-old Evie and 2-year-old Elsie (phewww…its a mouthful!) I started this channel after enjoying other mummy vlogs.

I upload every Wednesday and Saturday usually crafts, or baking with the kids BUT we also film lots of other things too. Day In The Life? Yup, we do that! Reviews? Yep, that too! Our channel is generally what we are currently enjoying!

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Princess Melody   1 week ago
I didn't think much to the foam aroma, the in wash crystal things are quite good need about 3 capfuls I'd say, I've tried other cheap alternatives to the expensive brand and they are rubbish but found these ones to be quite good !! Love your videos and your kiddies are adorable xx
3 Princesses and 1 Dude   7 days ago
No I don't think much to the foam aroma thing either. I forgot about the crystals, will use them later!! :) Thank you xx
The life Of Mrs P   1 week ago
I love original source mint one to so fresh
mumofthreemusketeers blog   1 week ago
great haul, love how the children were all eager to help out with the video. Where was the wooly hats from?
3 Princesses and 1 Dude   7 days ago
The hats were all from Poundland. Thanks for watching
The PB's   1 week ago
Great video. It's great when the kids get involved!
missalyssa977   1 week ago
Absolutely love your channel!! I subscribed and make videos too! :)
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